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  1. @MK: Mission accomplished then I wonder why i am lazy
  2. @PL-ojousama: (notice I called you ojousama XP) you shouldn't blame time... you remind me of a famous line of an arabic poem which means: " we criticize time when the faults are in us..... and there isn't any fault in time except having us we also blame time which is innocent...... and if the time talked it will blame us" this is my translation XD so it might be wrong ( i am too lazy to get the exact thing) OMM: why is it so hot??!
  3. OMM: i need to empty my phone memory but i am too lazy... i even feel lazy to fix the i's that are not capitalized here
  4. @PL-chan: No!! its not a boy >.< .... I just want to keep it a secret because I like seeing people curious XD I wonder what I am good at
  5. ToT the light switch getting stuck specially when you are in a hurry
  6. @PL-chan: I am sorry for you.. it's just the holiday so its boring when we are back to school I get busy too
  7. People who don't stop talking nonsense and unimportant stuff... and so lucky for me... I have a very silent brother T-T
  8. Reading Divergent right now... its definitely amazing, I am not even halfway through it yet!
  9. Never! How could I use that emoticon and betray my first account by exposing that we are similar? Never! xD Do not use any emoticon
  10. Yeah but next time it should be mine... the nice number 999774
  11. @astra: Everything makes me tired... I just want to sleep to skip time... OMM: What should I do if I finish reading the book and I am still bored?
  12. @astra: I already finished the assignments out of boredom T-T
  13. OMM: I am bored ... Very very bored...
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