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  1. ~ Conan/Shinichi ~ Ai/Shiho ~ Masumi Sera ~ Yukiko & Yusaku ~ Shuichi Akai ~ Vermouth
  2. I also like the childhood sweetheart trope for the same reasons as you do, but I think there's a limit to everything before it turns out predictable and repetitive, I think there's nothing worst than a predictable and repetitive story, where the outcome usually is boredom. And I find more likeable other childhood sweetheart pairings than ShinRan As the protagonist of the story I'd like him to have a different ending than the others, either ending alone (which I would prefer, puting and end to this battle over fan pairing) or not having a defined pair but open to other possibilities (I like the fresh air that Sera has brought to the story) I found that in most manga/animes the childhood friend romance always prevails over opposing forces.
  3. I think there are already too many childhood sweethearts and I find them repetitive and its effect has diminished on me, also I prefer Heiji/Kazuha, Shiratori/Kobayashi or Kaito/Aoko over Shinichi/Ran as for childhood couples. I also find ShinRan future possible marriage to end up as Eri and Kogoro marriage, in divorce, whereas I find Haibara could be the Watson to Shinichi (Holmes), with the addition of a possible romance, in contrast of Sherlock comparison. Also, I think it would be interesting kill off a main character near Conan to make him realise that what he does is dangerous and he is not infallible, it would humble him and make him more human, also add a dark twist in the story and set him in a darker spiral would add more realism.
  4. ~Yukiko&Yusaku ~Shiho/Ai/Shinichi/Conan.
  5. Doesn't Sherlock try to avoid learn things that he considers to be useless to his work as a detective ? He didn't know that the earth orbits the sun, and when Watson told him he made sure he forgot it. On the other hand Shinichi/Conan has knowledge about practically anything, this allows him a wide range of action. Basically this.
  6. - DC - Noblesse - Tower of God - Code:Breaker
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPq7Ag6T4Xc Kudo Shinichi Returns! Showdown with the Black Organization
  8. Conan doesn't know why Amuro is still around, and the reason is that Amuro is staying because he is investigating the truth behind the "Sleeping Kogorou". Amuro suspects Conan, but Conan doesn't know that, so I guess he lies to keep it still secret.
  9. In the stranger from ten years later ? But that song didn't have any lyrics, did it ?
  10. I started being a loyal fan when they introduced Haibara in episode 129. So I stayed for the BO and Haibara.
  11. Haibara/Shiho Well.. after everything ShinRan have been through along anime/manga/movies... you expect them end up together.. but .. for me it'd be too boring.. and too obvious.. I expect some twists there. I imagine a relationship between Ran and Shinichi, and I imagine Ran being nothing else than a housewife, as her mother was when she still was with Kogoro. Eri is much better character being separated from her husband. Ran is too scary to be married or to be in a relationship with a detective who is always involved with corpses and murderers for her own sake she'd be better with someone else. I don't see Shinichi being the type of guy who goes to work after a giving a cheek kiss to his wife, and then going back home after work is done. I imagine Shinichi with Shiho traveling around, Shiho helping him solving cases, giving him hints like Haibara does to Conan, working for the FBI or the CIA ... the Ai/Con pair gives us a wider range of possibilities. For example, my favourite DC couple is Yusaku/Yukiko. I like how they do all sort of things together, like disguising themself to tease Conan, Yukiko being the night baroness, pretending be a detective, they share tastes I don't see that in ShinRan. Plus Shiho, after losing every single member of her family, and since she was just a little child, having her life controlled by the BO and now being the main target of the same, no one else deserves to have a happier end than she does. And to change a little, make the main character different from the rest, not childhood friend realationship. Well.. this is just a humble opinion.
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