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  1. waaa! That's also my favorite quote! I really felt Shinchi's deep strong emotion while he said that! I love it. Nice one... very nice. 8-) Is that the episode where Shinichi is carrying Ran (while she's unconscious) out in the pouring rain? Is that it? *just confirming* The episodes are kinda mixed up in my mind. lol
  2. I like Code Geass because its storyline is great. I love the characters, plot and action. I'm not a critique of anime so I don't have much to say about it, but I recommend it too. This is one of my favorite animes next to Detective Conan and Death Note. Generally, I enjoy watching "bloody" films which include death of people. I think that's one of the reason why I love watching Detective Conan, Death Note and Code Geass. lol.
  3. Post your favorite Detective Conan quotes here, it can be from manga, episodes, OVAs or movies. And if you can, please include the setting or where (what episode) it was mentioned. mine is.. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth." - Shinichi Kudo I'm not that sure if this is the exact words he mentioned from an episode but this also came from a famous quote of Sherlock Holmes. What's yours?
  4. Well.. Lemme see, during my free time I do sorts of things: - sleep (#1 on my list! ) - watch anime (Detective Conan sometimes Death Note or Code Geass ) - school works :cry: - read books or Archie Comics - surf the net and/or playing sorts of games - relax, relax, relax and.. - doing absolutely nothing! that's it.
  5. Hi Southpaw! That's nice. I guess we have something in common now too! *high five* No wonder DC got us hooked. I really adore Detective Conan- the best anime EVER. See you around! Nice to meet you here.
  6. Hi Julia! I was like your age when I started watching Detective Conan and became a hardcore fan of it. I think we have something in common now. lol I recently graduated in highschool and now I'm in a university. What do you mean how? Hi Maurice! Actually, I'm not in to these internet forums, but since this is Detective Conan world, no way I'm not joining! I think this is the most organized and well developed Detective Conan forum in the net so far, so I really wish DCW will last forever. Yes, I agree with you too. *high five* lol Thanks for the warm welcome. You got it right. I don't like Kaito Kid, I simply LOVE him (but I'm not one of those girls dying to chase him). :lol: LOL! I already answered this to the "Favorite characters?" thread. It's nice meeting you here la vanille!
  7. You know you're addicted to Detective Conan when: -you are aware and start being observant to what people wear or looks like in public places -you met a stranger and started thinking of what kind of personality that she/he has -your motto is changed to "When you eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth." -you use DC wallpapers and screensavers -you start giving intelligent deductions even in a simple kind of problem -you buy every Detective Conan items/plushies/keychain etc. you see in the store -you wish to solve a real murder case and be a detective -you want to go to Beika City -you have a Detective Conan picture in your wallet
  8. I really adore Kaito "Kid1412" Kuroba, despite the fact that he's a thief but a kind one. He manage to return the gems/treasure he stole right after knowing that it's not what he's looking for. He's also one of kind! Where else can you find a criminal who gives his notice or the "schedule of pursuit" to the inspectors and police officers? A magician that can walk in mid-air? Can imitate sorts of female and male voices? Those are some of the reason why I really like his character. I never missed the episodes with his appearances though there's only few. I like his tandem with Shinichi! They're like chasing each other but they end up being good friends.
  9. Hi there! I'm Ellaine, a hardcore Detective Conan fan for over 5 years now. I'm 16 and a freshman college student. I would like to meet other Detective Conan fans like me, seeing there's not much people here yet. I found out DC when it was first aired in our local tv channel, since then I got hooked. I like especially the "deduction part". It's soooo COOL. I never stop watching series of episodes, movies and OVAs in internet or DVDs (in English sub) up to now! Actually, this is the very first forum/group in the internet that I joined for the reason of Detective Conan (of course!). I wish to enjoy my stay here. More power to this site and of course to admin!
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