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  1. What's on Your Mind?

    Merry Christmas..!
  2. Hohoho..! Looks like someone came back after a long time.


  3. Indian Chatroom

    Arre bhai bhai bhai bhai..!
  4. Last Poster Wins

    lol. the inactivity. i might actually win.
  5. What's on Your Mind?

    OMM: I'm never gonna buy another expensive controller... they go corrupt just after warranty ends :V
  6. What's on Your Mind?

    Semester Exams... Last 12 hours to save the semester ;-;
  7. What's on Your Mind?

    NOt 90% but seriously tho..! where the hell are yah!?
  8. What's on Your Mind?

    OMM: I go into flashbacks a lot these days... It makes me sad. Not knowing the whereabouts of people I've enjoyed so much. Especially dcw guys and girls...
  9. What's on Your Mind?

    REAL episode one..? https://myanimelist.net/anime/34036/Detective_Conan__Episode_One_-_Chiisaku_Natta_Meitantei
  10. What's on Your Mind?

    i had to hear that from someone else. thankyou
  11. What's on Your Mind?

    OMM: I dont like my new C Language teacher :/
  12. What's on Your Mind?

    @machine signaturesssssss <3 oh my, i miss them now
  13. What's on Your Mind?

    OMM: The new biopic movie on MS Dhoni is pure awesome <3
  14. The New Notification Bar... yumm yumm <3 <3

  15. Всем здра... sorry, hello everybody!

    Hey Vi..! Russia eh..? Cool I have a sister who is half Ukrainian and half Russian i hear it's a great country... Sure, all conan loving people are here..! But we talk about almost EVERYTHING so don't hesitate if you wanna have a dose of lame jokes from us xP