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  1. Oh crap, I missed the voting. I would've voted for Kogoro :3 Stupid Gin.
  2. Dear Anonymous, I know I get sometimes hard to understand so get this in your head. I am the God D: ~ Me
  3. Its being said that Marvel spidey will not be Peter Parker. Actually anything is better than the Amazing's Peter Parker :3
  4. All I know is Perkele xD (Forgive me as a naive foreigner)
  5. Welcome Bell! Enjoy yourself here
  6. Dracula Untold :3 Such an amazing movie. Too underrated.
  7. Welcome to the real world, Balz ;_;
  8. Wait for it. I am soon going to reveal everything. Hihihihhahwehawbhahahawhhawhahhahwhahhahhahaha
  10. Lol bookworms.. I used to go to the library, only for the ac :3
  11. Oh oh here it comes, its coming... shit it was a frown.
  12. I was not depressed. I was in Withdrawal and sad.
  13. So did Ryoma and Sakuno ever meet in Shin PoT?
  14. Anything that makes people happy is awesome :3
  15. ITS NOT REAL!!!! D: D: D: D: Ecstasy Meaning: Feeling of immense happiness and excitement. Fact : Ecstasy is also an awesome addictive drug causes the same effect as mentioned above
  16. For God sakes, a year has more seasons than Sherlock D:
  17. I just couldnt find a reason :s
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