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  1. ECSTASY! (Dont ask me why.) What would you do if its raining outside?
  2. Welcome to DCW! Yup, thats all. :l
  3. Its genetic. :] Whats your favorite hobby except watching anime?
  4. Hello New! My name is Kjeldahl. Kekekeke just kidding, welcome to DCW!
  5. College life sure is tough.. T_T

    1. MeitanteiSnow


      Ha! So I was right about your age....

      Welcome back!

    2. Kjeldahl


      Thank you!

      (You're still wrong about my age) :]

    3. MeitanteiSnow


      19. You're here, I'm leaving tomorrow.

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  6. Hmm okay thanks! Another thing, are you the only active moderator of DCW?
  7. So it is allowed to introduce yourself again if you're out for few months? :3
  8. But what if someone wants to leave forever? Its better to leave yourself than to witness everyone around you leave.
  9. Hi Sally! Welcome to DCW! I am your friendly neigbourhood stalker Kjeldahl :3 Enjoy your time here.
  10. When I first joined DCW, I introduced myself to everyone in the 'Introduce Yourself' Column and made many friends. If there is a time when I leave DCW, it will be quite tedious to PM every friend I made telling them the same thing, same reason as why did I left DCW. A Farewell Column might make it easy.
  11. I only enjoy eating pizza. Double Cheese Grilled Pizza, Cheesy stuffings inside with extra cheese on top :3 When do you sleep at night?
  12. Tricycle ( I am bored of this, lets end this :3 ) What does 'Orange' rhymes with?
  13. Shounen xD What does 'Egg' rhymes with?
  14. Change your status now, the cops are after me... D:

  15. Break the Window and unlock the car. What would you do if a kid tells you that he hates Detective Conan?
  16. Just saw Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood... *-* Its a must watch!
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