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  1. My Best Birthday was probably this year's . Had a Long late night chat with my Crush <3 Then we broke up.
  2. K Project The Storyline made no sense at all. There wasnt even any attempt to explain the Storyline. Only thing good about it was the animation and sound quality... 3/10
  3. Thanks Snow, Nur and Al (Alcadeias)
  4. I am Arachnophobic that is I have insane fear of spiders D:
  5. Best Case : Cursed Mask Coldly Laughs...
  6. I regret how my best friend of my Childhood is now jealous of me. Its sad how some people change...
  7. I have a huge crush on a young actress. I wont tell who ^w^
  8. I am surprised no one said Light Yagami or L. They're insanely smart too.
  9. Thank you, I am not a detective but I wouldnt mind being one ;D
  10. I would challenge him to a deduction battle and then lose miserably...
  11. Call me Kjeldahl or Kjel or KJ or anything you like
  12. @Shinxran9111, there are things I like about Shinichi/Conan and there are things I hate too. I like watching Detective Conan because its much better than other animes where people keep on fighting, do a spin and blast a city into oblivion and things like that...
  13. Thank you Boring-freak and Redangelran
  14. Hello everyone. I am not a fan of Detective Conan, I hate him infact > I hate how he is able to solve cases faster than me and then act all cool & stuff. My case count with him is 29:4 and yes 4 is mine Ahhhhh Damn you > But I still like watching Detective Conan. Anyways I am new to the forums and I have no clue what people do here. I need everyone's help and guidance so I can feel comfortable here
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