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  1. Heh? Why do you have to be then one having all kinds of Japanese cuisine availeble, while me in Denmark only have cupnoodles and (fake)chinese food restaurants. Remember kid, Sharing is Caring :)

  2. If anyone hasn't already, follow and like the Detective Conan facebook page! Get your self updated!

  3. For me... probably any boyband with a girl audience. 1) Justin Beiber- he tries to be cool but just is'nt 2) 1D- they all look gay (no offence to any 1D fans out there) 3) Lady Gaga- her clothes are wierd 4) Miley CIrus- you can make a wild guess why i hate her... 5) SMAP- Not many of you know them but they are like a Japanese 1D I HATE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I can't be bothered to actually listen to the Japanese, even though i can understand it, so i just read the subs. I can't live without those SUBTITLES! Somebody make them!
  5. London is sooooooooooooooo dull

  6. I like the plot but I don't know much about 24 so could someone please tell me?
  7. Cool, you live in London! :D It's the place that I've always wanted to go to (:

  8. In England DC is not popular at all so unless I learn fluent Japanese (which I am already doing) I cannot watch the movie and understand at least half of it.
  9. I just bought a conan game on the ds. Its in japanese but I can read most of it! i play it all the time!!!
  10. I wonder wether the BO will be in the next shonen jump or shonen Sunday magazine! I read it once a while but nothing interesting ever happens.
  11. wow.....livin in london.....so cool

  12. Sorry Conan, but kid won my vote. I love his para glider !Chiba from TMPD because the fact he eats loads is awesome and Korn from BO cuz he is an amazing sniper! Don't forget KID!
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