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About me

Let everyone know that if they betray the order and harmony of DCW, woe betide them!

Just kidding!(JKS :P:P:P )

I like... Food! Nothing better than sitting down at my local Ramen bar and having whatever Ramen I feel like. :lol: The sides are really nice at the place I go to. Gyoza, Edamame (lightly salted) , Sweet potato, or strangely, (but it tastes so good with tempura Ramen) Dango!

Other than the fine art of Gastronomy,(nothing to be ashamed of B) ) I like to spend my free time vegitating at my desk pretending to study but really doing DCW. No wonder my grades are so low! :excl::excl::excl::ugeek:

Good at... Taekwondo, MMA, eating(Duh!) ;) , Piano, Japanese, football ( soccer) , lounging around on my couch, and parcour! (Just joking on the last one!) :wacko:<_<:lol::lol::lol:

I guess that's it! :(

Hobbies and past times: Since I live in London, the national cuisine is terrible. But going to foreign restrants near the city center is not too bad. Love going to the Sherlock holmes museum! London weather is the perfect setting for a muder mystery. I love singing. At school, on the way home or in my own spare time. Normally I listen to Japanese pop , electronic , mostly DC, or Classical music, but if the song is nice and catchy, I could sing to it any day. So to sum it up, Food and Music.

Really dissapointed when I found out I am one in the few twenty or so in the United Kiingdom to know about (and love) DC. News flash, DCW FOREVER!!!

Peace out! DC forever!

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