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  1. That's why I'm like Limp Bizkit better than him.
  2. They also have problem with too. Like smog and political turmoil.
  3. Deceit work both ways... - Unknown
  4. Dear anon, Don't look back because it works both ways... - Me
  5. I wish Rukia Kurosaki is back...
  6. Working on my crossover fanfic again
  7. Maltavite


    Nice +1 rep for you. That inspired me to resume my crossover fanfic here (DCxGTA)
  8. I dunno, some of them are out of ordinary dream. Might join the Lonely Hearts Club.
  9. That's scary. Mine's even scarier.
  10. Hope it'll be fixed Life Paradox
  11. Well there are some of them who stupid and the others who care to the online communities. Listening to The Storm Gate (Grozovye Vorota), a Russian war film.
  12. Grozovye Vorota (The Storm Gate) A mini series about Chechen War
  13. I have legit Win 8.1 on laptop but I wont update it to Win 10 for gaming reason.
  14. TDWP - Supernova https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvNJPWnp7sQ
  15. Only for South Korea. My country have a warm relation to the North Koreans.
  16. Mkay, I'm currently working on my two DC crossovers and a pizza novel.
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