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  1. Orange can be used as a color or a fruit You forgot the blackout
  2. Just switch to orange instead.
  3. I dunno. Maybe we reincarnate, I think.
  4. And you just got 4000 post! I make signature just for fun. OMM: No F1 in my TV channel.
  5. They didn't know that the XP support was ended long time ago. Is A/C was a game?
  6. Dear Strelok... Yantar or North, your choice. - Ghost
  7. I'm just laughed at these conspiracy wackos.
  8. Well, it depends on the theme on the signature. I can do glow effect in the same time. Two years I'm using CS6.
  9. Usually good, mine's a week or two OMM: Just draw some signature here. Currently working on custom desktop with my CS6
  10. OMM: I don't know why, but my newest Firefox update wasn't compatible with to DCW forum. OMM2: Waiting for Rukia Kurosaki to return to DCW
  11. OMM: Needs to upload some DC and military stuff here from my dA
  12. I have gaming PC, but I didn't know what game should be commented in a video.
  13. Rosberg win the Austrian GP while Kimi was retired after collide with Alonso. Waiting for British GP on July...
  14. Hope that she'll back here. I got her OCs, Erru on my crossover fanfic and it has several reference/tribute to hood films and several games. Mystery fan (~L) vs Military aficionado/Gamer (Me/Ari).
  15. Yes, but my crossover fanfic and novel is filled with intense shootout and gangsters with military firearms and tactics xDD. What kind of your story, anyway? You can ask L for the help too for the story.
  16. It is, but I don't want to learn German language.
  17. Just updated the DCxGTA crossover! Check it out...

    1. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      Lol, you might have the record for most name changes on this site.

    2. Maltavite


      Um, it's not me who hold the records for the most name changes.

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