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  1. Chek, do you have any idea how to read the profile comments from other members in this forum?

    1. Maltavite


      I mean the older comments prior to the forum's change?

    2. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      Not a clue, unfortunately. Sorry. :(

  2. @Kaito Natake It's possible to kill someone in RL by stabbing their heart or pierce the Adams apple with raw spaghetti. Coins.
  3. Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (sequel of AADC)
  4. Maltavite


    Comment your best hero and its build here. My favorite one is Chaos Knight. His ultimate spell, Phantasm can deal 100% damage and may spawn extra phantasm. My build usually for roaming/ganking.
  5. Happy birthday, Dev!

  6. Firelake - Live to Forget https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3Hqqh3CwXU
  7. Happy birthday, Elli...

  8. I want to add plot for the Special Volume of Detective Conan (I have several volume of them). The page for them need details. Can anyone help me for it?
  9. Vodka has better memories than Gin. Probably the Miyanos knew the side effect of Silver Bullet/APTX-4869 but decided to hide it. I think that's possible BO developed another drug, maybe because the APTX has rare side effect (de-aging) or the main key within the projects deceased and they cannot resumed it. The former is out of point because only Vermouth knows the side-effect of APTX.
  10. Yep, it can hover with rotors in vertical and fly like a turboprop plane with rotors in horizontal position.
  11. Maybe Gin's car was used to take out the V22 Osprey. (Maybe xD)
  12. Yo ^^

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    2. phantomlady1101


      Nevermind... Just don't smoke too much >.<

      Ikr, this is irritating when your post is cut :<

      Oh my, I hate it when politicians use everything to make excuses!

      Heh, that's surprising! Is the article in Eng? Can u send me :)?

    3. Maltavite


      The article is in Indonesian, although I can describe it here.

      - Two corpses of the bomb attack were missing.

      - The 'terrorists' didnt use any vital building as their targets. instead, they used a busy intersection and a traffic police's post

      - One of the attackers accidentally blew himself inside Starbucks cafe, no suicide attacks.

      - After the attack, a cop was murdered during a drug sting and another one was shot by the drug dealers in Jakarta

      - Th...

    4. Maltavite


      Addendum: The attackers dragged a man outside Starbucks and shot him in front of a Burger King.

  13. I've deduced that your first username came from this character: http://stalker.wikia.com/wiki/Chekhov

    1. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      Haha, it's actually from "Chekhov's gun" and Alfred Hitchcock's "MacGuffin". My username was originally going to be Chekhov's MacGuffin, but the apostrophe was not allowed. I read your new fanfic by the way. What kind of monstrous group could speak so lowly of the Black Organization? I suppose one who steals nukes is qualified. I hope Kaitou Kid is wearing a ballistic vest.

    2. Maltavite


      Oh, I see.

      xDD It's not monstrous, it's overkill group (aka Payday gang). Stealing nukes is just a normal day for the payday crew. The Crow and Dove steal the diamonds from Vlad's (one of the Payday gang's contracts) friend, an Armenian mobster. The plot itself is loosely inspired by crime-comedy film Snatch.

  14. You can take a DCWer out of DC/DCW but you can never take DC/DCW out of a DCWer - Ari (Limansk)
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