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  1. I've deduced that your first username came from this character: http://stalker.wikia.com/wiki/Chekhov

    1. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      Haha, it's actually from "Chekhov's gun" and Alfred Hitchcock's "MacGuffin". My username was originally going to be Chekhov's MacGuffin, but the apostrophe was not allowed. I read your new fanfic by the way. What kind of monstrous group could speak so lowly of the Black Organization? I suppose one who steals nukes is qualified. I hope Kaitou Kid is wearing a ballistic vest.

    2. Maltavite


      Oh, I see.

      xDD It's not monstrous, it's overkill group (aka Payday gang). Stealing nukes is just a normal day for the payday crew. The Crow and Dove steal the diamonds from Vlad's (one of the Payday gang's contracts) friend, an Armenian mobster. The plot itself is loosely inspired by crime-comedy film Snatch.

  2. You can take a DCWer out of DC/DCW but you can never take DC/DCW out of a DCWer - Ari (Limansk)
  3. DCW makes my life better, I admit. You can take a DCWer out of DC/DCW but you can never take DC/DCW out of a DCWer - Ari (Limansk)
  4. Yep, and I'll stick to DCW for life.
  5. Farewell, MK. Thanks for the memories...
  6. Doves and Diamonds, Chapter 1: Problem Washington D.C. Bain just called the Payday gang into the safehouse, although not all of them. Only Dallas, Houston, Hoxton, Chains and Sokol were present. Usually Bain briefed the job's overview to his crew with the safehouse's phone but this time he explained the job in person. He spoke up to his crew. "I have a job opportunity for you guys but I'm afraid that the job won't be in D.C or the other states in America." Sokol looked at him in question and asked, "What do you mean, Bain? Are we gonna broke into another casino in Las Vegas or whack another mobster in Florida?" Bain cleared his throat. He told them the truth. "Okay, listen to this. Vlad's brother has a problem with two thieves in Japan. Only Hoxton and Sokol have known about him now. The first one was named Phantom Thief 1412 or what-the-fuck-ever the name is because we don't know if the name is right or not. The second one is Black Organization aka Bullshit Organization, but I'll feed you info about these losers later. They stole some of his diamonds from his friend, an Armenian gangster and they stored it in Beika. Your job will be harder if they planned to interfere. And the authorities." Dallas' brother, Houston hollered in shock, "Vlad has a brother? He'll be insane just like him!" He knew that Vlad was a bit 'insane' after he wanted the Payday gang to steal several nuclear warheads from Murkywater depot. They had broken into that place twice, one for Gage and another one for Vlad. The Payday gang did the latter without stealth, assaulting the depot directly and escaped discreetly with the warheads on-board, along with the other loots. Bain nodded and said, "Yeah, I know. Previously Vlad wanted us to break into Murkywater and steal eight nuclear warheads in style. Although that his brother is a bit balanced than him, Houston. Vlad's brother had his own Mafia crew in Japan so you shouldn't concern about the authorities. His name is Kastyan. Anyway, Jiro was in Japan two months ago so you can learn Japanese with him." Dallas looked at Bain in the eyes and asked, "So you ordered us to do heist right there?" Bain calmly replied, "Yes. You make the cops pay attention on you while I tap into their files for the diamonds and every mafia who tries to stole the diamonds off the Armenian. One thing for sure, I got some info that some of their heists were foiled by a seven year old kid." Dallas didn't expect to hear it but it was not surprising. Good old times at a new location… Wait, a seven-year old kid foiled their heist? That's really interesting. He thought. Hoxton asked Bain. "Is that kid a Superman or something?" Bain shook his head, "I'm not kidding about that. The stories are definitely real and the kid wasn't a Superman either. That kid is a detective, Sherlock wannabe. Vlad will come along personally to assist you when you are doing heist in Japan." "How about Hector, Bain?" Sokol asked, raising his hands as he spoke. "I heard that he went missing." Bain faced him and shook his head. "He's fine. One of Hector's crew turned to be a rat for the Feds. He sold Hector and us out and sent Hoxton to the prison after the First World Bank job. And you guys take him out unnoticed, except Chains and Sokol." He informed Sokol. Dallas stared at Bain as he looked outside the safehouse through a window. "So who will help Vlad's brother?" Dallas flatly asked. Bain turned to face Dallas and said truthfully. "All the original Payday gang, minus Dallas' brother because he has an errand right now will go to Japan later with Sokol and Vlad. Wick and the others will take care of the contracts here." "How about guns, we can bring some of them to Japan but we need more firearms for the job." Bain chuckled at that as he turned his attention from Dallas to Chains. He casually spoke, "My loyal friend, he's an armorer just like Gage but he affiliates with Vlad's brother. A Chechen Wars veteran. No one can decimate him, even detectives. The feds called him as Vorota. His real name was Garik." Sokol looked around and asked Bain, "Where's Wolf anyway?" Bain told him, "I already briefed the job to him before I called you. He went out for lunch," He sat in a chair near a counter and gazed at his crew. "Do you guys are hungry, by the way?" Dallas shook his head. "I'm already full before you called us. Let's do this…" He took his mask from his clothes. Bain looked at his crew and chuckled, "That's my good old crew…"
  7. I'm here, still hoping L to come back....
  8. It's religion. BTW the casualties were low because the perpetrator's plan went sour (Their attack were sporadic).
  9. An attack occured in Jakarta. I hope everyone is safe here.
  10. Yo, Milan-kun!

    1. PhiBrainChild


      Hhhh, someone caught me. Happy new year bro! Wazzap :)

    2. Maltavite


      Thanks, Mil! I just working on my DCxGTA crossover fanfic artworks (Harbinger,Angel,Gangster,Savior) and I've a dA account.

  11. Nothing but Pleasure - Boys Noize Pressure Fix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZUelDaTpP0
  12. Can't see the image normally except with quote... Good Morning BTW
  13. No snow in my country... Rain only
  14. Well ask The Hell Editor for your help or me.
  15. I can't wait to see your fanfic. But I thought you hated rap, eh?
  16. An out of the box idea for the drug smugglers from my country: Crocodile prison xD http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/nov/10/indonesia-plans-to-use-crocodiles-to-guard-death-row-drug-convicts
  17. I'm fine Asther, I just want Rukia Kurosaki back to DCW and working on fanfics and novels.
  18. My class are even more boring though.
  19. I miss Ms. L and Asher here...
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