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About me

It means... Sacrifice...
To find back the meaning of Love..."
Some facts about me:
- Gender: Male
- Location: Somewhere in Indonesia
- Personality: caring, kind-hearted
- Likes: Rap, Rap Metal, Kretek cigarette, writing, drawing, gaming, progressive music, firearms, graffiti
- Dislikes: Hypocrite, choir (except war-themed), World No Tobacco Day and loudmouthed person who pissed me off
- Favorite car: Camaro IROC-Z and Corvette Z06
- Games: Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, Need for Speed, Payday, Men of War, Call of Duty, Red Orchestra, Trainz
- Movies: Heat, Menace II Society, Boyz n the Hood, Set it Off, Ronin, Collateral, Detective Conan movies
- Artists: The Devils Wears Prada, Limp Bizkit, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Moby, Eminem, NWA, 2Pac, Nas, Skillet, System of A Down, Three Days Grace, Green Day, Les Friction, The Agony Scnene, T.A.T.u, Saykoji, Netral, Dewa 19, Slank, Noah (formerly Peterpan), Superman Is Dead, Edane, Bondan Prakoso, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, GuvP, Doom-Man, Miss May I, Anti-Flag

My fav character:

Detective Conan: Hidemi (Mizunashi Rena/Kir), Gin, Masumi Sera, Vermouth, Conan
Grand Theft Auto: CJ, Big Smoke, B-Dup, Niko Bellic, Dwayne Forge, Playboy X, Tommy Vercetti, Trevor Phillips, Franklin Clinton, Toni Cipriani, Sean Johnson aka Sweet
Payday: Hector, Vlad, Bain and Hoxton
Heat: Hanna and McCauley

If you like some unique, check my arts at avtomatchikcrew.deviantart.com and tell your opinion.

See ya later... Ari

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