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  1. I don't think that anyone from the suzuki family would be involved in the black organisation. If they are really involved in it then why would they be so afriad of kaito kid?
  2. I understand most chinese dilect. English, chinese and also some malay.. Also Singaporean special language Singlish..
  3. hi so who's you like most in detective conan?? i like ai-chan.. so cool n cute..
  4. thats like so long more to go before I can watch it here.. sigh..
  5. when would it come to Singapore or youtube??
  6. though i don't really understand japanese well but i just have the feeling that the original language is better as the voice of the character would not keep changing due to a change in people who dub the video..
  7. me too.. i love lions.. all animals who have fur actually..
  8. Hi, kxhqiu! Thanks for the add!

  9. Hi, kxhqiu! Thanks for the add!

  10. Thanks for the add! ^_^

  11. kxhqiu

    hi all

    I m not a artist.. Just enjoy drawing (copying out of the comic or pictures) during my free time..
  12. Anyone knows when it will reach Singapore or anywhere I can watch it online??
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