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  1. I always joke but most of them are corny :oops: :oops:
  2. I learned that I'm really determined :wink:
  3. I found out that it's not easy to be a group leader
  4. i wish the weekends would be longer
  5. I like it when it rains
  6. Dear Anonymous, Haven't you really realize? or you're just playing dumb? Signed, :idea:
  7. answer never ending quizzes *sigh*
  8. I wish he won't be scared of me anymore :cry:
  9. a-7 s-9 -> interesting --it's an accident....uhh...can anyone please delete this...thanks
  10. I found out that we have a new classmate :eek:
  11. I learned that "that" method is really effective
  12. Dear Anonymous, Just don't mind them...there really some who are like that. ---> if you only knew how worried I am. Signed, :idea:
  13. Don't worry about it too much :wink: Welcome and make yourself at home :grin:
  14. WELCOME and enjoy your stay :grin:
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