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  1. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Some info if you don't know already: Click on other members' display name - in my case, Cindy-Chen. Then scroll under "Friends" and type in the box called "Comments". If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

  2. dwebster

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    no, i don't think it is agasa. that would ruin the whole series for me... maybe it could be sonoko's dad since hes rich
  3. dwebster

    DC Soundtracks

    i think too! the second one thrilling. sorry, i cant remember any episodes on the top of my head that the songs in...
  4. dwebster

    Which episodes made you cry?

    never cried but i almost did in the desprate revival when ran was crying
  5. dwebster

    The Phantom Hotel Deduction Showdown (646-647)

    finally! sera is now my favorite character.
  6. dwebster

    Favorite Episodes

    my favorite one was the moonlight sonota case and also the mountain village murder case.