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  1. *appears out of nowhere riding a unicorn* Aico haigawa is back!!. hope someone missed me?

  2. http://youtu.be/Zs7hAFfe5qE Hifukiyama no Mahoutsukai written by Jun Maeda and sung by Yanagi Nagi
  3. Watashi ni xx shinasai. cant wait for the update!
  4. To be a Detective, i think the most important thing is to have a Great sense of Justice. kinda like a lawyer.
  5. Realisticly or canon wise i think Shinichi will end up with Ran. But if were talking about personally then im an AiCon all the way!!!!
  6. The Host by stephanie meyer and just finishing up on The Selection by Kiera Cass
  7. based on beauty and brains, i think Yukiko and Eri both win in that category for me. but when it comes to personality i think Eri has a funny personality especially when shes having an LQ with Kogoro. although Yukiko is so carefree and nice
  8. japanese dub with english sub the english dubs just sound awkward.
  9. Hi there! to spread love and happiness in the world, we are gonna hug the world! \^o^/

    *HUGs*HUGs*HUGs* :)

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