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  1. I think the boss is Shiratori. I found a theory about this. "BACKSTORY: When DC first came out I had my suspicions of Shiratori being the Black Org. leader-- because in an OVA he had a huge wine collection-- and my fire was fueled, because while at the store I saw a wine called, "Shiraz" with a black raven on the label... Black Org. has ravens... and Shiratori... Shiraz? See a similarity? LOL" Also apparently "tori" means bird in some Kanji. I found this on a yaoi pic on Deviantart, so I'm not sure if I want to post the link. It may not seem like much of a viable source, but it does seem onto something. After all, it is someone Ai wouldn't expect and was met long before that specific episode cut off
  2. Grandpa passed away earlier tonight.

  3. Happy Birthday!!

  4. Have a happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Ty-chan~

  8. Happy Birthday, Ty-chan~

  9. Even if Conan wasn't happy, that doesn't mean Akai actually died. Conan has made it clear hes a pretty good actor during tense situations, (except when it involves his secret identity) especially if its in order to keep certain things a secret.
  10. Dusty


    I got it a week ago, and I love it. I already have 14 diamonds each for two worlds and have beaten the Enderdragon. Thats not that great though, compared to the fact that my friend just got the game yesterday. Hopefully now we will be able to make a private server and build and stuff. It will be great since I rarely get to see her since she became home-schooled again and because we can never really communicate.
  11. I love pokemon. I started liking it during Pearl, and now most of my games are pokemon. I have at least one game for every region starting 3 gen, and a ton of side games, my favorite being the Mystery Dungeon series. I have a ton of lvl 100s, but most importantly, I love my teams. I know how it feels for pokemon to not listen. I started playing my cousin's game before I bought it myself, and got an Eevee from a friend. I transferred it to my Pearl when I bought it (by this point a Flareon), and it refused to listen. Now it does and is one of my usual team. I play my games on the DS. If you used a ds emulator to play, many emulators don't approve of the main series games due to problems like that.If you do use the Ds, I don't know what to say.
  12. School is over!

  13. I'm just about to take my second to last final in a few minutes!

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