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  1. Dear Anonymous, Yeah. Thought so. I was right. This is the benefit of making a bunch of deductions and considering all possibilities but never confronting you about them. But I wanna know. DX -me. PS: I came across... yeah. Is THAT why? ------- Dear Anonymous, Oh really. Really. Like, really. I don't even know what to tell you. NOW you admit, eh? Yeah, I new you were a weakling. I don't know how to tell you how un-surprised I am. Yaaay, I hope I don't get to see your face again. You know what sucks? I know how it feels, and even worse. But did you see me even try, even THINK of doing such a thing? Well yeah you probably don't know about it. This is kinda like hurting innocent people. It is. Whatever. -probably the only one who won't bother to get angry.
  2. My cousins got a song stuck in my head.
  3. But a lot of members are inactive, how do you know they're awesome?
  4. Only anything with chocolate that tastes good.
  5. Dear Light, In case you're talking to me the whole class is always wanting me to read. <_< ------- Dear Anonymous, B-b-but I was only joking because I knew I'd freak them out then! Can I pleeeeeeeeeease not do it, pleeeeeeeeeease? Word processing in Arabic is a very painful task on our house computer. DX -me.
  6. Marshmallows are okay. Seem quite unhealthy though.
  7. No. Joined DCW the day they discovered the website.
  8. Banned for using an emoticon I don't know how to write.
  9. I don't really like dark.
  10. D: Have reason to, hope not. Discovered about DCW from a friend.
  11. Dear Whoever-You-Are, Wait I changed my mind. Just make sure you don't hurt him that seriously. -his sister. ------- Dear Anonymous, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU, I DO NOT LIKE TO BE USED TO READ!!!!!!! -The Student You Use As Your Voice.
  12. Banned because your avatar has pinkish spots that make me wanna clean them every time I see them.
  13. Yep. Likes DCW more than their real life.
  14. ... I'll stick to plain.
  15. Dear Whoever-You-Are, Yes, I know he's the most annoying, irritating, noisy, disgusting thing that ever happens in the world. But you have no right to think any of those things if you aren't living with him 24/7. WHY DO THAT?!?!? -his sister.
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