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  1. Thanks for telling me. *gives back to KtPT* Now do I get a muffin of my own without anything wierd?
  2. *snatches muffin before KtPT can eat it*
  3. Just let him think he does *watches Zubi-chan explode again*
  4. People's opinions can be hard to understand by those of a different opinion, right? Why would you like potatoes?
  5. Nothing new. XD I'd get to see whether my predictions about that matter are true or not. You can't sleep no matter how sleepy you are.
  6. Dear Anonymous, What would you say if I told you how much I worry? You probably wouldn't believe me. Or you'd think I'm extremely stupid. -me. ------- Dear Anonymous, Did you do that on purpose? :V -someone.
  7. *watches Zubi-chan explode*
  8. I should go make my own batch of cookies.
  9. None of the wierd thing that makes you creepily happy all the time right XD
  10. What about the stuff Light gave me then?
  11. *intrudes* Can I have some cookies???
  12. What if I said I don't like them?
  13. Wait, I'm confused. Who's got the explosives, and why?
  14. I don't think so. Because he's Light.
  15. I love his personality. Wait, when did I ever say I don't like the 2.0? I'm fine with it.
  16. Hi! :D

    1. snowflake


      I thought I'd talk to you since you had an interesting introduction. ^_^ These do give a strong impression for some reason.

    2. Athalia


      Heehee c: They're all pretty much lacking more info but thank you (:

    3. snowflake


      Your welcome. ;) How are you?

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  17. XD I've never really been able to decide. D:
  18. You two are hilarious. XD Welcome to DCW, Athalia. (<--- not fancy)
  19. I must've learned something. And maybe I can give it in next time a teacher asks for a similar assignment. Everyone denies your opinion.
  20. It's said to make a person happy, I think. So maybe I'll be more cheerful. No one can see you or hear you, and you cannot interact with objects.
  21. Dear Anonymous, Yeah, tell her I've become weaker. Tell her I'm weak. Tell her I suck. Tell her I need to do it more often. Just let her put me back in Taekwondo. T-T -random student.
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