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  1. Okay. What d'you wanna do with them though?
  2. I thought they were in the pouch.
  3. Yaaay. Zubi-chan's got explosives.
  4. Dear Anonymous, Why am I not disappointed? :l
  5. You've got the explosives this time? Is it my turn to bug you?
  6. Yumeiro Patissiere. XD
  7. Dear Anonymous, Look. <\3 Please do something. You're the only one who can. T-T I'm not fine with it. I wonder if you are. -me. ------- Dear Anonymous, Oh, you're certainly most welcome! Darling, do you think I meant no harm? Well I did. People like you need to be greatly insulted sometimes. Don't belittle everyone just because they're younger than you, just because they're very different from you. Do you know how disgusting you are? Oh, I'll leave this for saying to you straight in the face. Your expression will be priceless. And you think my dialect is ugly, so that's why you don't speak it when it's your own, too, eh? One, know about something called racism? Two, you probably think it is because judging by your speech, you'd speak it like... well, the type of people who speak like they've got chewing gum stuck in their mouth. Not that I care you don't like it, just felt the need to point that out. You're just a very stupid person who thinks everyone else is stupid, especially those who do not follow your supposedly perfect standards. I'll just remind you that your the stupid one here. -a semi-classmate. PS: Oh yeah, if you seem to find interest in the position of insulting me because the way I think and state a lot of things directly gets on your nerves, I'll most gladly take the position of crushing your "victory" every time. "Who has a house of glass shouldn't throw rocks at people", wasn't the saying something like that?
  8. What if she they hadn't been questions before, then she edited them?
  9. Her questions, right? Had you forgotten to write a question before, Zubi-chan?
  10. Banned because you guys don't even know the situation I'm in.
  11. I wonder.What would you do if I said yes I would hug you?
  12. Yes, perfectly alright to hug a guy irl.
  13. *doesn't get what is happening but posts anyway*
  14. I wouldn't do it anyway. :V What if you met me and I was NOT like you expected, not one bit?
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