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  1. Make sure everyone I wanted to meet was going, then go and meet them. What would you do if you found out you had a twin who was still alive?
  2. D-dear Anonymous, ... W-what am I supposed to do now? SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT. PLEASE. -me. ------- Dear Anonymous, YOU'RE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING?!?!?! OH PLEASE DO. THAT WOULD BE THE MOST AWESOME EVENT IN MY LIFE. Just do it. Kyaaaaaa, I'd be seeing you everyday, just like when we lived together. <3333333 -your niece.
  3. Today on an exam I was about to write Snowflake instead of my real name. O_O
  4. Yep, Light using Misa again. But Light... you said not to tell-?
  5. It's a pencil, a pencil.
  6. No. Have no interest in getting one anyway.
  7. 1-Don't have a mobile. 2-No.
  8. Dear Anonymous, OH YEAH!!! I tell you, you're awesome. Never have I seen anyone who can be so strong. It's good, you have A LOT to be confident about. She can't just TELL you that. I told you, she must've never read anything before. Go tell her. I'm so proud of you. SHOW HER THERE'S NO MESSIN' WITH OUR GIRLS! -Your cousin. The "soul sister". XD
  9. Wait, Zubi-chan, did I ever lecture you? Wasn't that Lec-chan's role?
  10. Can't have two tabs at once = no onion heads. Banned for using onion heads.
  11. Eh! Fine I might not be that innocent but I don't go hiding bombs in my socks!
  12. I don't know! *innocent*
  13. Hm? There isn't anything.
  14. Wait do you know now? @Light: About the drawing, I think you could make her face features look more like a girl's.
  15. A long explanation, must I explain, Rye-chan?
  16. Banned for using an onion head for the third time in a row in this thread.
  17. Wait, am I carrying a bag? I just put things in my pockets.
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