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  1. *adds one more* Now that looks like the baka trio going to the maid cafe.
  2. snowflake

    Rye's Art Thread

    ^True. They make me happy. <3
  3. I'm scared of exploding. D: *runs away*
  4. Banned because it's probably not exactly one minute. How are you supposed to pronounce "Ryeie"?
  5. Banned for having a member title that is confusing.
  6. Banned for wanting people to follow that style.
  7. Banned for carrying on the "banned for banning x for banning y" chain.
  8. D: Am I supposed to die now?
  9. ^The drawing? I gave you a rep for that. XD
  10. 10110 Uh... I think I got lost... have I mistaken the zoo for the count to one million thread?
  11. The fairy godmother is leaving?! :o
  12. snowflake

    Rye's Art Thread

    Your coloring has really improved. +1!!!
  13. I wanna wake up and find out that midterms have passed and that I got a 100/100 on every subject.
  14. PLEASE POST THEM. T-T OMM: Oh yaaay. I have an exam on Monday and I haven't even opened the book.
  15. Final conclusion: magic powder must be unspoken-ly DCW's secret word for drugs.
  16. ^Quite obvious. You've been posting the Happy Posts since forever.
  17. Both of you are banned for using a VERY NAUSEATING SHADE of pink and for fighting over Athalia.
  18. ^ <33333333333333333333333 Thanks. OMM: I got a lot of studying to do. T-T
  19. I dreamt I was in my grandmother's tiny kitchen and two family friends were in there and I gave both a hug. This week lots of my dreams are about me hugging random people.
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