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  1. Vol.73, Chapter 771 Vol.74, Chapter 778 Not sure if there are any more, but these are the two scenes I think of immediately. (After some more research, it's likely the original phrase is "ママも痩せてたけどわりと胸はあったから" in 778. "Mama was also thin, but she had relatively [big] chest." I got this quote from two separate Yahoo questions. It is likely the posters quoted directly out of the manga, thereby confirming the use of past tense. Source here and here.) Anyways, most of the points from those articles are already considered in Chekhov's theories (his first post in this thread,) and if not, they are too wishy-washy to be worth your time and you're better off reading Chekhov's posts. I only posted those links as a sort of pseudo-confirmation for the usage of past tense, before I get proper confirmation from someone who has access to the raws. With all that's said, I find it very strange Sera would be using past tense here. (For those not as familiar in Japanese, the phrase here sounds as strange as it is in English.) The only times I think of using past tense in this situation is either when her mother is dead, or she's grown fat, and/or she's lost her "relatively" big breasts.
  2. Hi, I was reading theories and stuff around the net and saw that, apparently when Sera was talking about her mother's bust size, she used past tense (It's mentioned on several posts, including here, here, and here.) This seems like a point of interest, but I do not have the raw to confirm it myself. If anyone has access to the raw to the scenes where Sera mentions about her mother's chest, please do share!
  3. Well there're still people who read it right? Like you and me. This is my input for all those who would stumble upon this thread in the future
  4. Took me 3 hours to realise you actually linked me to another forum lol (despite you obviously saying you went to DCTP) so I was really confused when I found myself posting with another account... whatever @__@ I'm made a reply on there as Utsune, mainly about the perceived credibility of Rabu Conan because I'm not familiar with that magazine either. To link back to this topic here, I want to say it doesn't really concern me whether it's their real names or not, but I want to know whether Gin made an appearance on the Island with Sherry, and whether Anokata might have appeared alongside them (being in a different guestbook is an interesting point...) For all we know, there are big names in the political world and major corporations... all for a legend? I think not. Guests also include a slightly lower level BO member Vodka, so it's not a VVVVIP-only event. What are they there for in codenames? As bodyguards?
  5. @Chekhov Right, I don't mean to go too off topic, especially stupidly bringing up the same topic that everybody else have already discussed way before I joined lol. So just to wrap up on my end, after extensive research and a bit of thought, I'll take back the Kurosawa thing, but I'll leave the Uotsuka idea as it is. (I'll keep a mental note about the guidebook issue you've raised.) I also don't think it's his real name even if that really were Vodka's sig (if my previous post wasn't clear enough ^^; ) In any case, thanks for all your effort with the bunch of links! (P.S. I know Aoyama likes to play around with puns, but when the character 'fish' is in the name, we use "Uo" or very rarely 'irregular' pronunciations but never Sakana lol, give or take one family in the whole of Japan just to allow for the weirdest improbable )
  6. Ah you're right, although I was thinking more like they could be coded names (eg. ウォッカ becomes ウオ ツカ as a pun) then again why isn't Miyano's name coded as well? Should've asked myself that beforehand... (Btw, it's the first time I've heard of Sakanazuka, who did you hear it from? But Uotsuka is definitely one way to pronounce the surname. But whichever way they pronounce the name, no way anyone can 'unsee' the pun on Uotsuka lol...) Also we only see O澤O, sorry I totally filled the gaps of my memories with this link I've read in the past: http://anokata.xxxxxxxx.jp/faq.html (3rd question) but I'm pretty gutted I don't have the original source to confirm this interview (though there are a few sources on the Internet pointing towards the same quote: あれ、見えないけど魚塚三郎の隣に 本当は黒澤陣って書いてあるんだよね。(That's not seen, but next to Uotsuka Saburou really is Kurosawa Jin written down.) If only there's a scan lol.......) And in his quote immediately before that, Aoyama did kinda admit to the name Kurosawa Jin (assuming this interview really is in Rabu Conan page77...) In no way am I saying they're real names, normally they'd be at least coded, right???? XD (Even if they're real names it wouldn't make sense--- do their real names come before the beverage naming convention or what? etc.) What bothers me the most is Shiho's name as it is. Unless there's somebody non-BO at the 'meeting/party' who knows Shiho or her parents... In any case, however much misleading Aoyama wants to make this, this level of red herring is just way too much to pass by! Edit: Just found the series of posts about this a few pages back, haha sorry for repeating. The muraji thing totally makes sense. Personally, more the reason to believe Ooguro being the boss, or at least one of the top-most directors/commander/whatever (but then again, we have James Black............. dammit.) Still doesn't solve the Uotsuka Saburou speculation though
  7. Learning by listening is good but definitely NOT through Anime!! The speaking style is usually way too different, and you won't get the required training you need for a Japanese 'mindset.' This often results in super cringy Japanese, not necessarily because your grammar is wrong, but because the way you hold a conversation is very obviously non-Japanese. Dramas and game shows are fine Anything but Anime lol. As for reading and writing and whatnot, Jeremy-tantei has already brilliantly advised in the above post↑↑
  8. Not particularly replying to specific posts, 'cos I do realise they're a year old lol. But Cantonese is just as 'Chinese' as any other dialects, Mandarin included. For say, 唐詩宋詞 are all meant for Canto recital, and what is more Chinese than 唐詩宋詞 lol?
  9. Hajimemasite. Just randomly passing-by haha, Indian+Japanese reminds me of the currently rising-in-fame Rola XD

    1. Alpha the Errorist

      Alpha the Errorist

      hajimemashite ^_^ I dont really understand what you're trying to say ^^;

  10. Posted this elsewhere but am gonna spam it here too because it's been really bothering me. Not that I believe in this stupid speculation, so please anyone just debunk it for me BOB aka BO boss = Kudo Yusaku (explain for why Conan's immediate family is still alive) and Baron cocktail = Gin + Vermouth + Curacao. But then again, I don't tend to trust Aoyama and his naming sense lol. James Black is too obvious as a red herring. Oh another note, I think Ooguro Rentarou is a good candidate. Appeared in name, probably not in person. Appeared alongside Miyano Shiho, Kurosawa Jin, and Vodka lol (in the name-book during the Mermaid case,) you can't get anymore blatant than that...!! (Ooguro literally means Big Black... you also have the Big Black building appearing back in the Tequila case.)
  11. Summary to each page, I feel the need to do my part as a fan
  12. Rough translation for some directly BO-related parts:
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