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  1. Hello!

    It's been a long time ^_^"

  2. I'm usually or mostly listening to TVXQ... They're songs are great!!! ^o^ >>also I listen to other Korean Groups...
  3. mass or case... ^^ (i'm no sure of the pronounciation ^^") What does "echo" rhyme with?
  4. But, they're just toys... You can't speak anymore for the rest of your life..
  5. Eh? What do you mean? ^_^"

  6. Unfortunately, Akako successfully stole the artifact and now preparing for her "summoning the dead" spell... -o-
  7. wrong... it's 2 ^^ for u, it's 3??? 1. I like to travel but hates to walk. 2. I am allergic to dust. 3. I never seen Movie 4 (DC).
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