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  1. Phobias, fun. I never realised I had phobias until this month tbh. lol Trypophobia - Trypophobia of asymetrical holes occurring either naturally or unaturally Trypanophobia - Fear of injections Phalacraphobia - Fear of becoming bald Probably a few more that I can't recall as well.
  2. Wow this is actually still going? I'm surprised. Speaking of boyfriend, they are literally the cutest (not really but close enough kthx) I yell at my dad every time he skips it the ending song for DC. lol I was so surprised when I heard them since they aren't one of the super famous top groups but I'm so proud of them. Their song Janus and I Yah are pretty good for those who want to check them out. *wink wink nudge nudge*
  3. D'awwww. Exams. Last time I had exams was in year 2. Then I moved. Not gonna have any until next year. Woo! Well, hopefully you pull your grades up next time then. xD

  4. Ah. I'm sorry. I didn't log on for a long time. OTL I missed you too. How are you doing??

  5. Not Much... How've you been?

  6. I actually like BREAKERZ. *Surprise surprise* But honestly, I'd have to say I'd pick Hundred Percent Free any day. PLEASE DC PRODUCTION CREW! Give us another Hundred Percent Free song!
  7. Aww... I hardly got to talk to you. You seemed so nice. Anyway.. goodbye~ And good luck with the rest of your life, Detective Gin, although we never talked much, I'll definitely miss you when I come on, please drop by occasionally?
  8. I cry for an hour and a half straight, thought and almost attempted to commit suicide 5 times during that hour and a half (it's okay, I didn't, besides, I only had scissors), then my mum comes in and makes me feel 100 times worse. What kind of world is this?

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    2. NutCase


      Hahaha. Yeah... the real world sucks. xD

      The great depression? Sounds... depressing. X3

    3. A L

      A L

      .......................I need to stop watching some vids.

    4. ShinRan1742


      I sometimes think no one understands me. Later, I discover that I was right.

      But not always...:P

  9. Waaaahhh!! I missed you my beautiful internet! Please don't EVER die on me like that again, especially when I have 500 assignments due. >.<

  11. AHHHH!!! What's with people and One Direction these days!? Everywhere I look it's One Direction this, One Direction that! What's so good about them? Personally, I think they're all ugly. Sorry, but I know a lot of better and better looking boy bands

  12. "I am Charlie Sheen. I win."
  13. Oh! Indonesian! That's so cool! :D

  14. YES! Naruto deserves to have the 10 tails!
  15. Well... I couldn't find a Super Junior thread anywhere and I think they don't get enough love so... discuss away? And in case you need a time waster, here is a questionnaire. There! My gigantic questionnaire! By the way, only answer questions you are comfortable with. Kay? Also, in case you have even more time to waste, if you can figure out who the secret person is behind this questionnaire then you are awesome and get +1 rep. (What else can I give you?) xD *Hint, the answer is relevant to this year only and take into account EVERYTHING I say in this post* Oh! One more thing I LOVE YOU SUNGMIN!!! <3 NOW I am done talking. ;D So... yeah. Super Junior Rocks!
  16. I come from Australia (live here now)/Taiwan (Born there). What about you?

  17. Thanks for the add! How are you?

  18. D: That's so sad! *Sympathy Hug*
  19. Actually, no. You're not.
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