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  1. Thanks! :D HI Edogawa-kun!

  2. Cool! I'm on episode 96 right now :P

  3. :D I might be going there this summer :P
  4. awww I'm not your friend anymore? :(

  5. But your plan is not solid proof because I have magical powers. Or have you forgotten? :)

  6. Well I'm not really a boy but I like games! True/Flase A Inuyasha fan ^-^
  7. Finals!!! O.o it even sounds scary!!! ^-^

    1. Sherlock Lupin

      Sherlock Lupin

      How days will it take for you to take them? I took mine over three days, and even then it felt draining.

    2. Sakila


      I have two days..... coming up at the end of this week.

    3. Sparks


      o.o Good luck. Mine isn't till a two weeks later.

  8. So your off from school already? :)

  9. Heyy!!! Im doing good!! What about you?

  10. No I teleported there! :) o.O WAHHHH!!!IM NOT A CREEP!!

  11. But my even MORE brilliant plan makes you jealous!! I ask everyone I know and eventually find out your #! Then I search u up in a phonebook and find ur address. Afterwards I find you at your house and take it away from your pocket! I have Magical powers!! Or have you forgotten?

  12. Oh Hey!! Oh course I remember you!! How could I forget? U told me all about how everything you get an China is expired and makes you sick :)

  13. Not yet! :) Did you finish watching the whole series?

  14. Pretty Good! Im studying for Finals! What about you?

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