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  1. I've been around for over a year ... exactly ten posts... how pathetic o.O

    1. Erza Scarlet

      Erza Scarlet

      XD you can still catch up! \o/

  2. Chrome, please stop marking DCW as a malware website. T_T

  3. It's fine. ^-^ No need to apologies. (x

  4. I keep track of all that stuff in a notebook of mine, so I never saw a need for it. :( Sorry..

  5. That's okay and aw. :(

  6. Ah sorry, I just went to eat dinner and it ended up taking longer than I thought. And nope, I don't have MAL.

  7. SPARKS SPARKS SPARKS SPARKS~ You still there? (x

  8. By the way, do you have MAL? MAL stands for MyAnimeList. (x

  9. I'm doing great as usual, however, I'm currently doing some of my homework for next week. (x Thanks for asking! :)

  10. Hehe, everything's fine. How are you?

  11. Yes. Indeed. Nothing's wrong with your eyes. (x And how are you?

  12. Hello! Long time no talk, and is that Chuu2's Rikka I'm seeing? :D

  13. The Hobbit is just a month away from coming out.. YES!!!!

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    2. Yoyo Illuser

      Yoyo Illuser

      I just can't wait to see Martin and Benedict again, I so miss Sherlock. Martin makes an adorable Hobbit, and I always did prefer the Hobbit to LoTR.

    3. Wicky


      Yep so excited

    4. Sparks


      I wonder how well they'd do on this, though, considering how they're splitting The Hobbit into three films when the LoTR parts were each longer than it but fitted as a film for each.

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