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  1. dun dun dun dun dun dun JIBUN WO

    1. Sakila



      Sekai sae mo kaete shimaesou na~~!

    2. The Banana Paladin

      The Banana Paladin

      To change the world, and myself I must not believe in what food that is chinese!

  2. cool dude, banana assassin

  3. Ranger


    Sup y'all They have Deadman Wonderland and Casshern Sins as new programs for the block; Never heard of Sins, I hear mixed reviews for Deadman Wonderland, I hear comparisons to Mirai Nikki? Which was pretty solid. http://www.csicon.org/toonamis-debut-lineup-is-revealed/ They also doin the classic Bebop, Bleach, FMA:B, and Ghost in the Shell
  4. Most aggressive? I don't know about that, but he's definitely the best player in the league right now. If he was more assertive he wouldn't give up so many late-game shots.. Also, LOL. Sorry bud, but once again, the Eastern Conference is a joke compared to the West. There's no way any team in the East is going to win this year with OKC or SAS going to the finals.
  5. Ranger


    It's coming back May 26th, 2012. They are airing new shows. Lineup is still TBA. Discuss
  6. this poll kinda sucks
  7. Ranger

    Horror Anime

    Mirai Nikki has the scariest gf one could ever imagine.
  8. Glad we agree Akazora. Regarding Medaka Box, I saw the first 2 episodes back when it first aired (simulcast). I kept hearing good things about it because.. 1. It's written by the same author of the Monogatari series, which I really enjoyed (Bakemonogatari at least). 2. The anime is produced by the legendary studio Gainax, famous for TTGL and the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. So I surely thought this would be something worth watching. But..it's really flat. Besides fanservice from the main female lead, its your typical annoying shonen series with a spineless dime a dozen protagonist, a high school setting, and a student council scenario. You got your trope character archetypes, which just aren't executed properly. People who have read the manga tell me its get better much later on, and acts as a deconstruction/parody series of the Shonen genre, but from what I've been told, this season is only 1 cour, and if sales aren't good enough, it might not get a second season...so this 1st season probably won't even cover anything good. Thoughts on Accel World? I haven't seen it , but it's the 3rd most popular show this season behind Hyouka and F/Z season 2.
  9. first 2 gen only scyther bulbasaur snorlax houndoom gengar
  10. I've seen all of the currently aired episodes for Kids on the Slope. It's a good anime, but you guys might be over hyping this. Sure, it's going to get a lot of attention from its allstar production cast. But, so far it's just a typical slice of life series, with your expected love triangles/squares/pentagons, along with a Jazz motif/theme. It might get better as we progress, but as of right now, it's not my favorite of the season. I would have to say Hyouka is my favorite anime this season, brought you to by the legendary Kyoto Animations, infamous for Haruhi, Lucky Star, K-ON, and Clannad. The budget they have for animation is ridiculous, you can see so many little details they put in, that 95% of the other animation studios wouldn't even bother with. The story may be a little bit slow, but the atmosphere and mood the series sets is unrivaled for shows this season. Shout-out to Kuroko no Basket, which is a basketball anime series, that I did not expect to be this good. It's a typical shonen series, but its just done very well, and can rival Slam Dunk as a potential new throne for the basketball manga/anime series. Also, Space Brother is another good series that's worth looking into. The first three episodes were very engrossing, but recently it's gotten really slow, probably due to the fact that the anime is supposed to be 50+ episodes long.
  11. happy birthday Orihara Izaya

  12. serious, a color is on your mind? ..you must be bored beyond belief
  13. you know too much...

  14. That's because this is our year, we are winning it all. The Heat is the holy incarnation of the terrible NBA ideal that superstars can bully franchises and 'team-up'. Franchises need to man up and deal these clowns and try to get value before they just ditch their asses. All superstars need to look up to Timmy and David Robinson. The Lakers are just the Lakers. I hate their guts. Kobe is a rapist, Bynum is a overgrown baby. I only like Pau Gasol. The darkhorse Mavs? Seriously besides much respect to Dirk and Kidd, Jason Terry is such a pinhead, Delonte West is like the stupidest person ever, and Mark Cuban is a laughing stock. Unfortunately the other team that I like besides the Spurs are the Utah Jazz, but, sorry, gotta root for my boys.
  15. my spirit lives on in DCW through my trolling with you and Parkur

  16. Space Brothers FEEL SO MOOOOONN Hyouka KyoAni delivers Kuroko no Basket best basketball anime ever. Better than Slam Dunk.
  17. Ranger

    Sport Manga

    Kuroko no basket = best modern basketball anime/manga main character is like a shitty version of Rajon Rondo, minus the rebounding, scoring, and athleticism. Kagami is like Amare Stoudemire.
  18. is this OST or OP/ED man? OST not based on ranking 1. Haruhi Suzumiya (Satoru Kousaki) 2. NHK (Pearl Kyoudai) 3. Madoka Magica (Yuki Kajiura) 4. Death Note (? I forget) 5. Detective Conan (Ono Katsuo Band) OP/ED too many good ones, so not based on ranking 1. Shonen Heart (Eureka 7) 2. Bouken Desho Desho (Haruhi) 3. Step by Step (Detective Conan) 4. Uso (FMA: 5. Cruel Angel's Thesis (EVA) 6. Thank You (Bleach) 7. Hacking to the Gate (Steins;Gate) 8. Tomare (Haruhi) There's a lot more that I like, I'm just too lazy to list them all
  19. lol you were stalking me on April 29th

  20. wow, seriously Lakers and Heat? go die.
  21. Ranger


    This might be getting a season 2 y'all. BD boxset releases in Japan this May. If sales do well = sequel
  22. I'm back, months later. Bakemono is awesome, but Nise is just weird siscon crap. Senjougahara fascination y'all
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