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  1. J3nny

    LGBTQA+ Community

    As of now, I think I'm heterosexual, but there are moments where I would question my sexuality. Is that weird? I personally, don't believe in putting a label on a person, everyone is their own label with different decoration yet, all of these labels serve the same purposes. Btw, huge yaoi fan here
  2. Right now, I am obsess with Skins (UK ones)
  3. LOL, that's so true! Sometimes, it's crazy -.-
  4. J3nny

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Even though I'm straight, I support homosexuals, bisexuals...I believe that they have the right to be with whoever they wish. Since I'm a shonen Ai/ Yaoi fan, I support it 100% . Also, I hate people who would abuse the use of religion to fight against normal human beings who clearly fell in love with each other , those people have no actual evidence that 2 male being together is a sin. It is not! And I think 2 males/females having a their own children is wonderful. As for the Connecticut article, I believe what these people had thought about the children is completely, utterly nonsense, why would god send down a shooter to kill innocent children? Have they done something? No. These people are too absorbed into their religion that they have forgotten the way of reality as to see that most of us have come to embrace homosexualities and other sexualities. And I support this gay-straight-alliance 100%! YAY to the person who created this , also SHONEN AI/YAOI all the way! :3
  5. J3nny

    Desktop or Laptop?

    Laptop. We use it in school as well, every student is equipped with a MacBook Pro, apparently it is part of our school policy -.- I rather use a normal Laptop since the start of the school year, I have to buy a new that cost like $2500 But then it's really worth it. I, personally, think that it is really convenient to use a Laptop/Tablet in school. Not really a tablet fan
  6. When they first started out, I didn't like them one bit but since the release of their second album, I felt that they grew up alot and the songs that they made are amazing. I became in love with them LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG, LITTLE THINGS, KISS YOU, ROCK ME, THEY DON'T KNOW ABOUT US, C'MON C'MON... Just amazing. Not only that but they're smoking hot right now And I came to a conclusion that I am a DIRECTIONER
  7. Niall Horan, the only guy in 1D that I like Random cute actors And Tumblr Boys---Not specific guys but guys on that site are smoking hot
  8. LOL, they're actually not bad , just really overated. I actually don't hate any bands or singers, but there are some singers that annoy me really bad. - Nicki Minaj - Lady Gaga - Kesha
  9. I really like Taylor Swift Her "Red" Album is beautiful, I heard Haylor split became official a couple days ago, What do you guys think? Taylor is awesome on Ellen , And I ship her with Zac Efron all the way!
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