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  1. Waah! So I wasn't in a good mood before? :o

    Yeah, right. I really was depressed back then. Thanks to your help I'm happy as a bird now. XD

  2. Good idea. :PPP

    Yeah, go ask him.

  3. Yeah but...3 and a half novels in a day...is kinda...dizzying...

  4. You are? :o

    Where have you been? And what have you been doing lately?

  5. Uh, just ask...ask anybody! XDDDD

  6. Yeah. Hehe. Read three books today.

  7. Bursting with happiness to see you!

    Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration...XD

  8. Uh, yeah? Sort of...though not nearly half as much as before. Why'd ya ask?

  9. Kay! Then I'll tell you a not-so-secret! XD

  10. :o

    Rain, rain, didn't have enough and didn't go away!!!

  11. Yeah. He was there just a while ago...

  12. I'm doin really fiiine! except that my eyes hurt from reading too much...XD

  13. Ryuu-kun! <333

    I missed you!

  14. Hehe...that language abounds all over my profile. XD

  15. Pwede na yun. Basta gumawa ka ng account, ha? Para mafriend kita. XP

  16. *jumps in excitement*

    Yay! Yay! Yay!

  17. Gawa ka ng panibago, sige na~~

    You'll miss out on lots of fun and excitement if you do... =)

  18. Smiley war... :o

    =) Glad you're able to talk to him again.

    But how bout your nem?

  19. :P


    wala ka ba talagang FB account? :P

  20. Oops, sorry late reply, was chatting on fb with some members of DCW

    Hey, I see you're talking with your twin!! \o/

    And I'm doin great!

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