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  1. shhh....wag basagin ang katahimikan...

    bumulong lang tayo...

    *whispers* May naririnig ka ba?

  2. Wow Tama! Ang galing mo! =P

  3. Sige nga, anong pangalan ko? =D

  4. hehe, kung sa bagay, kung makalimutan ninyo ako ibig sabihin nun uliyanin na kayo! =D

  5. Nah, too lazy to remember. I simply reset it when I decided that I need to relax from my studies. And so I returned to DCW. =V

  6. siguro? pero parang multo lang ako dito. magpaparamdam paminsan minsan...

  7. thnx. just 2 years to go!

  8. Yeah. :blink: :blink:

    By the way, how've you been this past year. It's been SOOOOOOO long since we last "talked." =D

  9. Hi Chelsie. What's up?

  10. That's great.

    I just <3 seeing your avatar blink again

    and again

    and again. =D

  11. wow. sleep-deprived. so am I. =D

  12. Hey Kid, you never did change your avatar, did you? It's really sooooo nostalgic. =)

  13. -dead-

    college is killing me

    thesis in particular, is killing me


  14. ...other than that i'm perfectly fine

  15. college is killing me. but I'm surviving, somehow

  16. Life's not been the same without you too. =) I really missed you, bro

  17. I wonder if my twins are still around...Hmm...

    1. hopes



    2. Parkur


      o hey you're alive

    3. Amaranth
    4. Show next comments  12 more
  18. I MIIIIISSSSSSEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!1 <33333333333333333

  19. Doin great...except that college is killing me. DX And you?

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