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  1. Hehe, sakit ko yan dati...noong active pa Filipino Chatroom. Umabot pa nga sa punto na di na ako nagrereview para sa exam kinabukasan. Yung ganun ba... =D

    Teka muna, wait a minute...*checks age*

    Hala! So mas matanda pala ako sa yo!! OHOHOHOHO!!!

  2. Antipolo City, Rizal.

    Hay, ang sayang makipagchat ulit sa kapwa-Pinoy.


    Saan ka nagaaral, Ate?

  3. Hehe... 9:35am dito. Eh sa inyo?

  4. I mean, saan sa Pinas?

  5. =)

    Ui, magkasing-edad pala tayo.

    Taga-saan po kayo?

  6. Hi there. Good...evening?

  7. ...searching for a beta, this time one who can handle an Akako-centric fic...

    1. hopes


      owo *casually raises a hand*

    2. Amaranth


      ^I kinda saw that coming. OHOHOHOHO!!!

      Btw...I'll think about it. =D

    3. hopes
  8. Wow. You're here when I go to sleep and you're here when I wake up. You're always here! =D

  9. Here's a tip. kindly go to my profile and post your replies there. =D

    by the way, I'm from the Phlippines

  10. Hey Bro, I don't see you around so often...could it be that you're... Stalking? =O

  11. Hi there! =)

    Nice to meet you.

  12. Oh, I see...

    What time is it over there?

  13. so, what else is new? =D

  14. uh...staring at my PC screen...and searching DCW for familiar names...apparently I don't recognize many. D:

  15. Uh...hiding from you. =P

  16. Summer Memories~ of DCW... <3

    1. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo

      =X I miss those times.

    2. Amaranth
    3. Lovestruck


      Next Summer would be even better. I assure you, people.

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  17. Hey!

    We never really talked much ever, ne?

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