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Status Updates posted by Amaranth

  1. Trying to struggle to attempt to squeeze my brain to try to write fanfiction. :grin:

    And you?

  2. *tackles*

    It's been sooo long! How are you? =)

  3. <333

    Aww, you just made my day. --Or night. =D

  4. Sure. =)

    I really miss you lots. <333

  5. Alive. And kicking. You. =D

  6. <3

    How've you been lately?

  7. =(

    Well, okay. Just take care always. And drop by when you can.


  8. Good. You're disconnected. Now STUDY!!!

    And with that I'll vanish as well.

    *makes broomstick appear out of thin air and flies away*


  9. *calls Conan*

    *Hires him to find your hiding place*

  10. So I'll have to teleport myself over there to smash it, right? Hmm... *evil grin*

  11. Yeah. What happened, exactly? Until now, I'm still pretty much confused about why everyone began to leave and the chatroom, especially the forum games section, died out. *clueless*

  12. Alright, that's Math. Get out of here, disappear, go offline, unplug your PC...and STUDY!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  13. Homework in what subject?

  14. I'm doing pretty well, actually.

    I'm starting to be a bit more active on DCW...although DCW is a lot less active now. =D

    Oh, and college is tough. =( But when I've got less assignments on my mind, I'll probably write fanfiction and be more active around here

  15. Okay. So, what's up?

  16. =O

    Sige sige. Tac-kun!!!

  17. Wow. U.P.


    What course? Major?

  18. Hehe...Sisihin mo sina Chelsea at Cammy. Sila yung nakaisip niyan. "Amaranta-chan" kc ung username q sa fanfiction.net. Masyadong mahaba daw, eh, kaya Ama-chan na lang.

  19. Awa ng Diyos, naka-pasa naman...

    Kung Ate ang itatawag mo sa akin, ano namang itatawag ko sa yo? Hm...

  20. I miss this guy. T_T

    Where are you? DXXXX

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