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In Detective Conan and Magic Kaito, Aoyama Gosho often uses thematic naming schemes for his characters.


Most case suspects for weekly cases have thematic naming schemes. For example, in Ramen So Good, It's to Die For, the names of the characters are related to ramen sizes.[1]

Make this a box style

  • Ogura Katsumasa (倉功雅) - small
  • Taninaka Atsushi () - middle
  • Ōhashi Sayo (橋彩代) - large
  • Saizu Tokumori (西津徳盛) - size tokumori, or size extra-large

Fictional Detectives

Many protagonists in Detective Conan are named after fictional detectives.

Fictional Detectives or Authors

Most main characters in the series are named after authors or major characters from detective literature, shows, or films.

James Bond

  • Hidemi
  • Eisuke
  • Ethan

Mobile Suit Gundam

  • Akai
  • Camel
  • Sera
  • Amuro

Voice actors


The Magic Kaito cast are typically named after colors.

  • Kuroba - The characters in Kuroba (黒羽) mean "black feather".
  • Ginzo - The "gin" in Nakamori's first name means "silver".
  • Aoko - The given name "Aoko" means "blue child".
  • Akako - The given name "Akako" means "red child".
  • Hakuba - The reading for 白馬 (Hakuba) means "white horse
  • Konosuke - The kanji "黄" in Kōnosuke means "yellow".


  • Shinichi Kudo - One truth