Hiroshi Matsuzono

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Hiroshi Matsuzono

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Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Place of birth: Japan
Location: Japan
Nicknames: まつぞの ひろし
Also known as Umesaburo Sagawa.
First name can also be pronounced Umesaburou or Umesaburō. Last name can also be pronounced Sakawa.

Hiroshi Matsuzono (松園 公 Matsuzono Hiroshi?) is a Japanese animation director and storyboard artist. In 2010-2018, Matsuzono participated in the production of the Detective Conan anime under the pseudonym Umesaburo Sagawa (佐川 梅三郎 Sagawa Umesaburō?).


Matsuzono joined the production of the Detective Conan anime ever since 1996, starting with the 1st part of Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case. He mainly does organizer, stroryboard, and episode director relative works in the anime. He was notably active during the 1996-2003 period, yet after that, he ceased his involvement in the series.

In 2010, Matsuzono returned to the production team, starting with the 1st part of The Dream the Kappa Saw; however, this time with an alias Umesaburo Sagawa (the pseudonym comes from Umesaburo Sagawa, a character from The Gutsy Frog, a Japanese comedy manga with the same name and kanji). Until 2018, after he finished working on the case The Kendo Tournament of Love and Mystery, Matsuzono quit the Detective Conan production and has not returned yet.

Works in Detective Conan

As Hiroshi Matsuzono

Participation in: 13 cases (18 episodes)

Participation in: 1 ending

Participation in: 1 movie

Participation in: 1 OVA

As Umesaburo Sagawa

Participation in: 43 cases (83 episodes)

Other notable works



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