The Butler and the Detective

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Chapter 1115

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Title: The Butler and the Detective
Japanese title: 執事と探偵
(Shitsuji to Tantei)
Original release: June 21st, 2023
Shōnen Sunday issue: #30/2023
Volume: 105
Pages: 16
Viz Media version
English title: The Butler and the Detective
English release: June 21st, 2023 (Simulpub)[1]
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The Butler and the Detective (執事と探偵 Shitsuji to Tantei?) is the 1114th chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #30/2023 on June 21, 2023 and will be reprinted as part of Volume 105 on April 10, 2024. It was released in English by Viz Manga on the same day under the name The Butler and the Lady.






Iori, Heiji, and (via text messages) Conan continue to fake a conversation about choosing a drink, but in truth Iori confirms his situation and agrees to go along with Heiji and Conan's plan. Heiji then gives Iori the flash drive and leaves. The man on the phone reminds Iori to hurry or Momiji will die, but Iori explains that he found the USB stick. On the man's instructions, he puts it by the sink where he left the cell phone earlier. He walks past a female attendant with a drink cart back to the victim's body and sits down next to it as instructed. Heiji then gives him a hand signal that starts their plan: Iori starts a conversation with the man on the phone, but then speaks more and more softly. This annoys the man on the phone, who eventually yells at Iori to speak up. This allows Heiji to track down the man. By phone, Heiji tells Kazuha that the plan's started, prompting Kazuha to grab a suitcase at Momiji's and her place and use it to take out the man with the bloody knife behind them, who was the fake drunk man. The man on the phone with Heiji also pulls out a knife, but Heiji borrows the walking stick of an old man in the car, disarms the gangster and takes him out.

Heiji concludes that there were really only two perpetrators, but Iori discovers that the USB stick is no longer by the sink, so there must be another gangster on board. It occurs to him that the woman from the train service he had passed had not bowed as usual when entering the car, which is procedure in Japanese trains. He opens the other car's washroom and finds a bound and gagged woman in her underwear. The fake waitress is also one of the gangsters. She approaches Momiji and Kazuha, who is pinning the fake drunk man to the ground with the bloody knife, and also pulls out a knife to save her partner. Enraged, she swings her knife down at Momiji, but Iori is able to throw himself in between at the last moment, causing the knife to hit him in the chest. Heiji now joins in and takes down the woman. A worrying Momiji crouches beside Iori, but he pulls the knife from his chest and is unharmed, as the blade only hit the stack of karuta cards in his breast pocket. Momiji looks at the cards and realizes that as she said before, "the small really take care of the big as well" ; one card is thin and narrow, but as a whole stack they are thick and hard like a shield. She gives the cards back to Iori, explaining that she had told him something like this before, but that he had probably already forgotten. In his mind, Iori says that he did not forgot Momiji's words from their first meeting, as they were the reason he quit the security police and became her butler.

Half an hour later, the train pulls into Tokyo Station, where Megure is already waiting with his men, since Conan had called him. He arrests the three gangsters, who were actually acting on behalf of congressman Tsurugi. On the USB stick was a video showing a shot of a sunset, which also happened to capture the three gangsters throwing Tsurugi's secretary off a roof while Tsurugi watched. A short time later, Tsurugi is also arrested for inciting murder. On the platform, Iori inquires how Heiji had actually noticed his situation. Heiji explains that she had been worried when Iori did not come back for a long time and could not be reached by phone. Because of this, Heiji went after him and watched as Iori examined the body for the first time while talking to someone via headset. Secretly, Heiji then examined the body, discovered the shorthand writing, and sent a photo of it to Conan, who then thought the flash drive was in the socks. They then looked at the contents and realized the full situation. Iori effusively praises Heiji, saying that he is indeed a perfect match for Momiji. Heiji and Kazuha react unnerved, while Conan remarks that it was he who solved the shorthand puzzle after all, not Heiji.

As the group is leaving, Furuya and Kazami come onto the platform. Kazami spots Iori briefly in the crowd and tells Furuya that this man was one of his classmates at the police academy, who was later promoted to the same department as Furuya because of his skill, but quit the service for unknown reasons. Furuya says goodbye to Kazami to meet someone on a train without giving Kazami any more details. But when Furuya enters the arranged carriage, it is empty. Instead, he finds only a ringing cellphone there. Furuya answers it and is directed to a window seat by the person on the other side of the line. Through the window, Furuya sees the old man with the bird-headed walking stick sitting on the opposite train, talking to him on the phone. The man gives him orders to examine Conan in great detail. Furuya accepts and hangs up. Furuya then picks up his own cellphone, which had been ringing for some time; the call is from Kuroda, who wants to know why it took Furuya so long to answer and why his voice sounds so excited. Furuya keeps quiet about his new command and says that nothing happened.



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  1. Summary translated from the German version of September 9, 2023.
  1. ^ In America, it was still June 20th when the release was made.
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