The Rainy Night Menace

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Episode 666
(Int. Episode 718)

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Title: The Rainy Night Menace
Japanese title: 雨の夜の脅迫者
(Ame no Yo no Kyōhakusha)
Original airdate: July 28, 2012
Broadcast rating: 7,10%
Filler case: #198
Season: 21
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Kazunobu Chiba
Juzo Megure
Wataru Takagi
Osamu Kenzaki
Detective Samonji
Presiding judge B
Side judge C
Side judge D
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Umbrella
Director: Koujin Ochi
Screenplay: Junichi Miyashita
Storyboard: Susumu Nishizawa
Episode director: Minoru Tozawa
Animation Director: Chiemi Hironaka
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Seiji Muta
Kumiko Shishido (design works)
Opening song: Miss Mystery
Closing song: Overwrite
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The Rainy Night Menace (雨の夜の脅迫者 Ame no Yo no Kyōhakusha?) is the 666th episode of Detective Conan anime.





On a rainy night at the Mouri Detective Agency, Detective Chiba arrives and begs Kogoro for help. He wants Kogoro to help him to find a woman that he believes is in danger.

Chiba swiftly explains that recently, he's been seeing a woman at the Ikitsuke Café. The woman named Mio Ashida said she felt like something dangerous will occur. She gave him threatening letters she had received from someone who had recently been released from prison. When questioned, it was revealed that they had been coming for nearly a year and that she had changed jobs and moved because she was afraid of them stalking her. However, recently, she felt she was being watched, thus prompting her to tell Chiba. He had said that if she saw the person, or anyone suspicious, she must tell him immediately. However, when Chiba went to the restroom, Mio left. Concerned, Chiba questioned the owner who said the customer left, and seemed upset or afraid. As Chiba went to follow her, he grabbed an umbrella and realized that he had hers, meaning that in her rush, she had grabbed his.

When Chiba was about to cross the street, a red car came and Chiba quickly got out of the way. He saw a suspicious person wearing a hat and sunglasses in the driver's seat. Chiba felt that it wasn't careless driving, but rather an attempt on his life, and that the driver mistook him for the woman due to having her umbrella. Since Chiba did not get her address before she left, he was not able to find her right away, and due to no evidence, he was unable to do it through the police headquarters, which is why Chiba came to Mouri Detective Agency for help. Since she came to the cafe often, Conan proposed the idea of searching nearby areas, as she likely lived near by.

So now, Conan, Ran, Kogoro, and Detective Chiba went all around the places to search for Mio. Meanwhile at an apartment, a student named Takuya Murakami is getting annoyed by someone else on the second floor due to them playing the TV at a high volume. Suddenly, Murakami heard a loud thump from above and a scream from a woman.

Detective Chiba receives a call while searching for Mio. The call was that a young woman was involved in a murder case at a nearby apartment. When Chiba, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan went to the apartment, they found a red car which was the one that almost ran over Chiba. They went inside and went to the second floor of the apartment. Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi are also there. It seems they found the dead body.


EP666 Case.jpg

Location: Apartment
Victim: Yoshizumi Karashima
Age: 28 years old
Cause of death: Blunt force trauma
Suspects: Mio Ashida

In the room, a man was on the floor, dead from blunt force trauma to the head. Beside him was the hat and sunglasses Chiba saw on the driver that nearly ran him over, and on the other side of the room, was the woman, Mio. At first relieved to find her alive, Takagi said that she's the perpetrator, much to Chiba's horror. Both groups share their story, with Takagi finally explaining what happened.

The incident occurred forty minutes ago, at 9:30 PM. Murakami that lives below said that he heard the commotion, so he came to check. He discovered the dead body and Mio, who was next to the corpse. Murakami then called the police. The victim was a man named Yoshizumi Karashima and was released from prison three days ago, after being kept there for a year due to a traffic accident. During the incident, there was a drunk driver that broke the guard rail and fell into the lake. Of the two, the driver died, while the other only received light injuries, but were sentenced one year of prison for allowing a drunk to drive. The driver had been Mio's older brother, and the deceased, Karashima, was the other one in the car.

Mio thinks it's a lie that her brother was driving due to a past incident her brother had with drunk driving that made him swear to not ever go behind the wheel again. She believes that the person that was really driving was Karashima. The driver that died was indeed her older brother, Toshiaki Ashida. Karashima said that her brother was the one driving, but she could not believe his story. She filed serveral objections to the court, but all of them were rejected. Chiba has no doubt that it must be revenge, so he showed the letters written by Karashima when he was in prison. All of the letters said that he would meet Mio after being released from prison.

Mio moved to the apartment where she won't be stalked by Karashima. In fact, the move was so recent that all the stuff in the her apartment hasn't even been used yet. She even stated that she only came to sleep due to how scared she was. When she came home, the lights were on, and the door was unlocked. She didn't think anybody would be inside. When she opened the door, Karashima suddenly grabbed her and went about to stab her, with Mio resisting, using her umbrella as a means of defense. They moved to the living room while struggling and Mio pushed him to the wall where the vase hit on his head. Conan sees the injury on the back of Karashima's head, but also noticeed that there's another injury above his nose. Chiba thinks he must've got hurt while struggling as there was blood on the corner of the TV desk.

It seemed like a clear case of self-defense, but Conan was starting to find holes in the story he heard. He had found the umbrella container that still has a little puddle of water in it, Karashima's shoes were wet as well. After confirming that the rain started at seven that evening, Conan went downstairs of the apartment to visit Murakami for questioning. The witness informed Conan that he heard the tv around six, and that it turned off at about nine thirty, before being swiftly followed by the thud and screams. Afterwards, Conan went outside to check the red car and he figured out the truth behind the case.


  • Resolution


    • The car driven by the culprit is a 2007 Redondo Red Pearl Honda Inspire [CP]. The license plate number is 新宿 334, な 12-28 (Shinjuku 334, Na 12-28).

    BGM listing

    # Song Title Romaji Translation OST
    0:01 - 0:32 ロマンス ラプソディ Romansu Rapusodi Romance Rhapsody Detective Conan "Full Score of Fear" Original Soundtrack
    2:54 - 3:54 迷路 Meiro Labyrinth Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 4 ~Isoge! Shōnen Tanteidan~
    4:58 - 5:14 ゲンタくん Genta-kun Genta-kun Detective Conan "Quarter of Silence" Original Soundtrack
    5:41 - 5:54 ミニサス1 Minisasu 1 Mini Suspense 1 Detective Conan "Quarter of Silence" Original Soundtrack
    6:22 - 6:43 チチタタ Chichitata Chichitata Detective Conan "Quarter of Silence" Original Soundtrack
    6:58 - 8:02 ニキアス Nikiasu Nicias Detective Conan "The Lost Ship in the Sky" Original Soundtrack
    8:26 - 9:32 記憶喪失(影) Kiokusōshitsu (Kage) Amnesia (Shadow) Detective Conan "Captured in Her Eyes" Original Soundtrack
    10:59 - 11:52 スズランの花 Suzuran no Hana The Lily of the Valley Flower Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
    12:45 - 13:05 シップオンザボード Shippu On Za Bōdo Ship on the Board Detective Conan "The Lost Ship in the Sky" Original Soundtrack
    13:20 - 13:31 ????
    13:54 - 15:06 小五郎の推理 Kogorō no Suiri Kogoro's Deduction Detective Conan "Countdown to Heaven" Original Soundtrack
    15:15 - 16:01 コナンの直感 Konan no Chokkan Conan's Intuition Detective Conan "Countdown to Heaven" Original Soundtrack
    16:17 - 17:46 Need not to know. Need not to know. Need not to know. Detective Conan "Captured in Her Eyes" Original Soundtrack
    19:08 - 19:51 包み込む湯気の中から Tsutsumikomu Yuge no Naka Kara Coming From the Wrapping Steam Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
    20:57 - 21:27 ひし形の感情 Hishigata no Kanjō Diamond Shaped Feeling Detective Conan "The Raven Chaser" Original Soundtrack
    22:48 - 23:59 トナリティ Tonariti Tonality Detective Conan "Full Score of Fear" Original Soundtrack


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) L'amenaça d'una nit de pluja The menace of a rainy night
    Flag of Italy Italian Delitto in una sera di pioggia Crime in a rainy evening
    Flag of Thailand Thai ข่มขู่ในคืนฝนตก Threatened on a rainy night
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Kẻ đe dọa trong đêm mưa

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