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Chapter 1121

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Title: Proof
Japanese title: 証明
Original release: November 21st, 2023
Shōnen Sunday issue: #52/2023
Volume: 105
Pages: 16
Viz Media version
English title: Proof
English release: November 21st, 2023 (Simulpub)[1]
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Proof (証明 Shōmei?) is the 1121st chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #52/2023 on November 21, 2023 and will be reprinted as part of Volume 105 on April 10, 2024. It was released in English by Viz Manga on the same day under the name Proof.



Heist Info




As Saguru Hakuba is on the verge of discovering his real identity, "Shinichi Kudo" blurts out that the mistaken deduction from earlier about Kichida's death possibly being a suicide was part of his test to see Hakuba's deductive abilities. Hakuba replies that even though this may be a test from him, nothing rules out the possibility he may not be the real Shinichi Kudo, until "Shinichi" mentions the "Bell Tree Express Murder Case" and mentions how similarly to this current case, the victim Etsuto Murobashi was shot to death with a silenced pistol. He mentions as well that Kaitou Kid was supposed to rob a jewel on the train, an information which Hakuba knows but that was not released in the news, as opposed to the previous description about Murobashi's death, to prove that he was there during the case as "Shinichi Kudo". He finishes his sentence saying that he should know that he is the real Shinichi, if "he was the real Kid hunter Saguru Hakuba". This satisfies the deerstalker detective, who lets him off the hook for the time being.

Conan, Hakuba and "Shinichi" then run over to Nakamori and Jirokichi, who have already gone far ahead and are rushing them to follow them if they want to be a part of the interrogation. Conan whispers to "Shinichi" that they were almost caught, if not for him (Kaitou Kid) being there during the Mystery Train case to know about the details, while Hakuba glances over his shoulder at the two whispering. A little later, the goup arrives at a spare storage room used by Kichida Industries while building the "Sky Room". They decided to use this room instead of the security room, because the latter is being swarmed by paparazzis, even though this room is packed with boxes of the design team's equipment. Masuo Kase opens a computer monitor so they can keep viewing the security footage without being in the security room. Nakamori starts with Kase's interrogation. From his statement, Kichida was alone in the "Sky Room" for about 10 seconds, when he asked him to do a final check inside. This is shown on the security footage. Kase also mentions that Kichida did not say anything and only made a hand gesture for "I'll be inside for a short while", and then came back out right after. The reason he did not say anything was because he had worn his throat out singing at karaoke the previous night, which he loved, along with a few beers. Apparently, Kichida had a fight with his wife recently and was depressed, so Kase, who was mountaineering buddies with him, along with other friends, went to the karaoke bar together to cheer him up. This raises suspicion from Hakuba and Nakamori, who suspect him as as a former mountain climber, he would not be afraid of the heights while being in the glass room. Kase objects, saying that Kamiji was a firefighter before and should not be afraid of heights either.

While being interrogated, Kyuuya Kamiji reveals that he was indeed a firefighter but retired 10 years ago after falling from a ladder and that heights are no good for him, and that he cannot even climb a ladder anymore. He reveals that he became Kichida's secretary while being a firefighter, when he showed him the intricacies of fire prevention systems. He then brings out his cellphone and shows them a picture of Kichida and him 10 years ago at the fire station, and Conan notices that Kichida did not have a beard then. Kamiji lets him know that he grew the mustache only after getting married. He also shows the text message he received from Kichida before the latter's death, saying "I'll protect the jewel with my life". "Shinichi" then thinks to himself that with this message, maybe Kichida panicked after the blackout and ran back into the "Sky Room" to check on the jewel and was killed then, prompting Hakuba to ask him how did he (Shinichi) get inside the room. Shinichi replies that he was worried about the jewel himself and ran inside past the guards and right after the lights went on bumped into Conan, which Conan confirms as part of the favor for covering for Kid. Later, when interrogating Satsuki Kichida, the group is shown the same text message from president Kichida, which the wife received as well. She says that during the commotion, she stayed in the staff room waiting for him and that she was alone right after Kamiji left for the washroom. While sifting through the items on the desk, Conan lifts a framed picture of the late Kichida and Satsuki together and notes the fact that the president is not wearing any glasses, even thought the picture is recent. Satsuki nervously replies that he lost his contacts at the karaoka bar and that was why he was wearing glasses. After being asked by the young detectives why the framed picture was face down, she said that she did not like seeing herself. Nakamori then pokes her more, asking why they had a fight a few days ago. She angrily asks him who said that, and when the inspector mentioned Kase, she said that Kichida was on bad terms with Kase and both frequently argued about costs.

Moments later, Inspector Juzo Megure and Sergeant Wataru Takagi from 1st division homicides arrive, saying they were stuck in traffic earlier. Megure is glad to meet Hakuba again, while Takagi remembers him from the "Detective Koshien Case" and notices his weird Shelock Holmes'esque costume. Megure is also happy to see "Shinichi" there, while Nakamori notes that the police should not rely on teenagers. As he sees "Shinichi" and Ran together, Megure thinks that both are on a date, but both reply that this was not a date. Sonoko adds that she was with Ran and they stumbled upon "Shinichi" fooling around by himself, which makes Takagi remember the time he met Sato that way too. Hakuba then flirtily says that "he" would not miss any event with "her", which makes Conan angry right away. This cues "Shinichi" into reacting the same way and yell back at Hakuba, while Ran tells him not to worry about it. This was most likely a ploy by Hakuba, who noticed how Conan got defensive more quickly. Shinichi tells Ran to remember the kiss they had in Kyoto, which makes Ran blushes, and it is shown that Conan was right behind with his bowtie voice-changer. Hakuba notices that, along with the earphones "Shinichi" has. He then wonders if both are accomplices.

At the crime scene, the teenage detectives summarize the situation to Megure and Takagi. Takagi informs the group that he interrogated the five other members of the design team from Kichida Industries and that all were together and had a solid alibi, but designer Kase was not with them and does not have an alibi. He also says forensics have found Kichida's phone near the entrance. Meanwhile, Conan and "Shinichi" notice a new bloodstain on the carpet, which Hakuba thinks was most likely hidden under the pistol which was previously on the ground. While continuing his report, Takagi mentions that the marks on the shoes are most likely from someone stepping on them. Hearing this, Conan and Hakuba realize the truth and while Conan is relaying the info to "Shinichi", Hakuba watches Conan closely with shining eyes...



Major events

  • Saguru Hakuba realizes that Conan and "Shinichi" are colluding together and notices Conan getting defensive about Ran. He may have suspicions towards Conan's real identity.
  • Megure knows that Shinichi and Ran are now dating.


Shonen Sunday #52/2023.
  • The cover of Shonen Sunday #52/2023 shows Kaitou Kid flying around Tokyo SkyTree Tower on his hang glider.
  • This chapter confirms that the uninhabited island from the Detective Koshien Case was under Tokyo jurisdiction. This also marked the first time Saguru Hakuba met Wataru Takagi. It is unknown if Takagi was part of Megure's team during the Sunset Mansion Case and could have met Hakuba then.

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  1. ^ In America, it was still November 14th when the release was made.
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