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Japanese name: ザード
Date of creation: 1991
Origin: Japan
Genres: Rock, Pop
Years active: 1991-2008
Labels: B-Gram Records

ZARD (ザード Zādo?) was a Japanese pop group. Originally a group of five members, with lead vocalist Izumi Sakai as group leader. However, Sakai was the only member who stayed on the group while others joined and left regularly. As such, Zard and Sakai may be referred interchangeably. Zard's work was sold under record label B-Gram Records, Inc. Their most popular and successful songs are "Makenaide" (1993) (負けないで ?), "Yureru Omoi" (1993) (揺れる想い ?), and "My Friend" (1996).


  • Izumi Sakai (坂井 泉水 Sakai Izumi?, deceased)
  • Fumihito Machida (町田 文人 Machida Fumihito?)
  • Hiroyasu Hoshi (星 弘泰 Hoshi Hiroyasu?)
  • Kōsuke Michikura (道倉 康介 Michikura Kōsuke?)
  • Kimitaka Ikezawa (池澤 公隆 Ikezawa Kimitaka?)

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