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The following is a list of user boxes available. If you have any requests, you may add them to the talk page.

User tags

Physical traits

Tag Usage
[[File:{{{1}}}|60px]] This user is Male.
{{User Male}}
[[File:{{{1}}}|60px]] This user is Female.
{{User Female}}
Hiroshi Agasa 60px.jpg This user is bald.
{{User Bald}}
Kogoro Mouri.jpg This user has black hair.
{{User Black Hair}}
Minerva Glass.jpg This User has blond hair.
{{User Blond Hair}}
Ai Haibara.jpg This user has brown hair.
{{User Brown Hair}}
Akako Koizumi 60px Old.jpg This user has red hair.
{{User Red Hair}}
James Black 60px.jpg This user has gray hair.
{{User Gray Hair}}
Azusa Enomoto 60px.jpg This user has straight hair.
{{User Straight hair}}
Eri Kisaki 60px.jpg This user has her hair tied up.
{{User Hair Tied Up}}
Microphone 60px.jpg This user wears glasses.
{{User Glasses}}


Tag Usage
Shinichi and Ran.jpg This User's Favorite couple is Shinichi and Ran
{{User Shinichi and Ran}}
KAZUHEI.png This user's favorite couple is Heiji and Kazuha
{{User Heiji and Kazuha}}
Takagi and Sato.jpg This user's favorite couple is Wataru and Miwako
{{User Takagi and Sato}}
Kogoro and Eri.PNG This user's favorite couple is Kogoro and Eri
{{User Kogoro and Eri}}
Op25-9.JPG This User's Favorite couple is Conan and Haibara.
{{User Conan and Haibara}}
KISS.jpg This User's Favorite couple is Shukichi and Yumi.
{{User Shukichi and Yumi}}
Chiba being reminded of the younger Miike.jpg This User's Favorite couple is Kazunobu and Naeko
{{User Chiba and Naeko}}
Shuichi and Akemi.jpg This User's Favorite couple is Shuichi and Akemi
{{User Shuichi and Akemi}}
Vlcsnap-2013-11-25-18h48m01s193.png This User's Favorite couple is Kansuke and Yui
{{User Yui and Yamato}}
Makoto and Sonoko.jpg This User's Favorite couple is Makoto and Sonoko
{{User Makoto and Sonoko}}
Vermouth provoking Gin.png This User's Favorite couple is Gin and Vermouth
{{User Gin and Vermouth}}


Tag Usage
Conan Edogawa Profile.jpg This user Watches the Detective Conan Anime.
{{User Anime}}
Bad Sing.PNG This user can't sing.
{{User Can't Sing}}
Globe.jpg This user comes from {{{1}}}.
{{User Country}}
[[File:{{{1}}}.jpg|60px]] This user's Favourite Character is [[{{{1}}}]].
{{User Favourite Character}}
[[File:{{{1}}}.jpg|60px]] This user's Least Favourite Character is [[{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]].
{{User Least Favourite}}
[[File:{{{1}}}|80px]] This user's favourite opening is {{{2}}}.
{{User Favourite Opening}}
[[File:{{{1}}}|100px]] This user's Favourite Episode is {{{2}}}.
{{User Favourite Episode}}
[[File:{{{1}}}.jpg|90px]] This user's Favourite Volume is {{{1}}}.
{{User Favourite Volume}}
[[File:{{{1}}}|100px]] This user's Favourite Movie is {{{2}}}.
{{User Favourite Movie}}
Volume 1.jpg This user read the Detective Conan Manga.
{{User Read Manga}}
EP10 Case.jpg This user watches soccer.
{{User Soccer}}
YouTube logo.png This user watches the Detective Conan Anime on YouTube.
{{User Youtube}}

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