Gin and Vermouth

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Gin and Vermouth are both executive members, especially since Gin is the general supervisor in the Black Organization and the third-in-command.

Relationship analysis[edit]

Vermouth sometimes do somethings that might be so dangerous to her, after she deliberately angered Gin when she was disguised as a waiter, from put an icepick and tell Vodka to take her down ,and finally he aimed her with his gun. Gin's confidence towards Vermouth decreased significantly when she performed a party in its unnormal time and caused the blackmail of a person resulted in the disclosure of her codename, Vermouth's actions made Gin unfaithful to her and refused to inform her of the alternative plan to assassinate Domon.

Gin suspected Vermouth when she threw some words about her feelings about the mission, she made Gin point his gun at her face and called her as "talkative woman" when she tried to convince him not to kill Kogoro and Conan, that made her trying to reset confidence Gin about her, making her the initiative by telling him the information obtained by the Bourbon about Sherry and inform him even before informing the boss about the success of the mission, while Gin still has some doubts about success of the mission.







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