Sonoko Suzuki and Makoto Kyogoku

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The romantic relationship between Sonoko Suzuki and Makoto Kyogoku.

Relationship Analysis[edit]

Sonoko presenting the chocolate she made to Makoto.

Sonoko Suzuki originally met Makoto Kyogoku while vacationing, where he was a waiter at a restaurant and worked at a hotel in his spare time.[1] At first, neither she, Conan, nor Ran recognized him, because he wore glasses to hide his features. He later saves her when he takes a knife in the arm for her, to protect her from getting killed by a crazed serial killer.[1] This is when Ran finally realizes that he is the famous karate champion. After defeating the killer, he confesses his feelings for her, which leaves Sonoko dumbfounded and flustered.[1] According to Makoto, he originally met Sonoko during one of Ran's tournaments, and loved how feisty and firey she was in trying to cheer her friend on.[1] After this, Sonoko and Makoto begin a long distance relationship.[1]

Makoto often saves Sonoko from dangerous peril, like in a snow lodge,[2] and in a forest.[3] Sonoko loves to use some kind of concocted scheme to get Makoto to come to her, usually in some romantic way, to create a romantic and dreamy experience for her.[3] This, however, doesn't always end in success, but he sometimes does stumble through her little schemes.[2][3] He often warns her of the way she is dressed, because he believes that guys will try to come after her because of it.[1][2]

Sonoko often wants to show Makoto that her feelings for him are stronger than he thinks, planning simple ideas to make him feel special. However, these often go in awry, as she either cannot make what she had planned to make, like when she promised to make him a home-made sweater, but had to resort to buying one in a mall,[4] or Makoto has no idea what she gave him is, like when he believed that the pottery she sent him was supposed to be for flowers.[5] Sonoko keeps a photo of Makoto in her bag, and uses it as a good luck charm for when she takes exams.[6] She has also made him a chocolate, trying to make him feel jealous by not saying who it was for, thus forcing him to visit her in a snow lodge to ask her what was going on.[2] When he finds out that indeed, she made him the chocolate, he gets very embarrassed himself.[2]

Although long distance relationships can be hard to be in, Sonoko has stayed faithful to Makoto, other than dreaming of meeting up with the Kaitou Kid, though this is mostly to see him up close more than anything else.

Sonoko and Makoto moments[edit]


Volume 22: Files 219-221/Episode 153-154: Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story[edit]

  • Makoto Kyogoku, makes his debut in the series, as a waiter to Sonoko, Conan, Ran, and Sonoko's "potential boyfriend", Tadahiko Michiwaki, a Beika University student. Makoto puts Michiwaki's beer down on the table with a loud bang, and then, rudely, begins to order him not to leave his cigarette's ashes on the floor.
  • Sonoko informs she knows some background on Makoto, because he kept looking at them, near the entrance. He probably did this because of his secret love for Sonoko, though she didn't know it at the time.
  • Makoto abruptly comes in between Sonoko and Michiwaki, with their ordered fried noodles. He, then, rudely states for them, particularly towards Michiwaki, to leave, to let others eat. He probably thought the two were going to kiss, and, out of jealousy, stopped as he saw possible.
  • At the Karawuya Hotel, the trio are waiting for Michiwaki to show up, to go on their "date", while it's raining outside. Makoto appears next to Sonoko, and leaves an umbrella next to her, wanting her to use it, if she needs it.
  • Makoto quickly entered the room Sonoko was nearly killed in, and begins to berate her for wearing revealing clothing which might be the reason why he attacked her. He then, persuades her and the others to change their room and stay at the hot for dinner, since the culprit might be closer then they realize. At dinner, Makoto tells Sonoko the meal for her and her friends, is free.
  • Makoto follows the gang to a popular restaurant, in order to see Sonoko. After Conan notices Michiwaki's car rolling down the hill, with a sleepy Sonoko inside, Makoto quickly follows Conan and Ran, in order to help Sonoko, but is stopped by the supervisor, who explains, he has to pay his bill.
  • An angered Makoto demands an answer from Michiwaki why he didn't put an emergency brake on his car, which could have caused Sonoko's death.
  • As Michiwaki was about to kill Sonoko, Makoto came to her rescue, even though, he got stabbed with a knife, and proceeded to cooly defeat the crazed murdered, with his superb Karate skills, which gained him the nickname, "The Prince of Attack". Sonoko learned he was following her, to make sure she didn't get hurt, since Michiwaki was talking to a few other girls, before Sonoko met him. Sonoko asked him why he would do this for a total stranger, and he reveals he remembered her from a previous Karate tournament, and how she, "cheered for her best friend, with all her energy", causing Sonoko to blush. Before Makoto leaves, he said the words that made the young girl's face to instantaneously turn neon pink, was as followed:
"Oh, yes. Going around in lingerie like that is sure to seduce more men than necessary. If you could, I'd like you to stop doing that. Of course, as the guy who loves you the most in this world, it doesn't matter if you don't want to listen to me."

— Makoto, confessing to Sonoko, how his feelings for her transformed into love.

  • In the omake, Ran reveals that Makoto and Sonoko began dating, albeit, the latter is still a bit "boy crazy".

Volume 25: Files 243-245/Episodes 172-173: The Resurrected Dying Message[edit]

  • Sonoko thinks Makoto is being a cold to her for not calling her for awhile.
  • Sonoko takes out her new cell phone, and, while staring at it, she thinks about Makoto and silently calls him an "idiot."
  • Makoto finally calls Sonoko to tell her he won a huge Karate tournament, but Sonoko calls him "stupid" over and over with tears in her eyes, yelling at him for not calling her, since she bought a new cellphone only for him. Makoto apologizes, explaining he didn't want to bother her with unimportant things, which Sonoko privately thinks, "He doesn't get it." Then, Makoto gives her caution about the lowering temperature in Japan, and that she shouldn't wear any short skirts, to which she, in a girly manner, replies she isn't wearing one, but actually she is.

Volume 33: Files 331-334/Episode 268: The Truth Behind Valentine's[edit]

  • Sonoko is worried because Makoto has been distant lately but she has a love strategy, and she told Makoto that she is making chocolates for someone she likes.
  • At the end of the episode, Makoto has arrived, jealous, to see who the chocolates are for, and Sonoko says it's for him, causing him to go red.
Sonoko gives the chocolate she made to Makoto.

Volume 52: Files 541-543/Episode 457-458: Sonoko's Red Handkerchief[edit]

  • Sonoko sent a message to Makoto on their place and time of their meeting. Makoto was confused about the message and decided to camp in that forest until the day of the meeting comes. When Sonoko was in danger, he immediately came to rescue her, knocking out the bad guys in one go.

Volume 81: File 859-861/Episodes 744-745: The Suspect is Makoto Kyogoku[edit]

  • In the bowling alley, Sonoko's cheers for Makoto instead prompted him to throw a bowling ball to the air and ended up breaking the bowling lane
  • When Yamamura accused Makoto as the murderer, Sonoko blushed and proved that he is innocent by claiming that:
"Makoto-san is...absolutely fantastic and nice and is a good person!

— Sonoko trying to protect Makoto, causing him to blush deeply

Volume 82: File 862-864/Episode 747: Kaitou Kid VS Makoto Kyogoku[edit]

  • Sonoko introduces Makoto to her parents.
  • Sonoko reveals that Makoto left a karate competition in order to meet her parents and tightly hugs his arm while both are blushing.
  • Sonoko made a bet with Kaitou Kid but asked him to promise her not to hurt Makoto as he has an upcoming tournament. In the end, Makoto managed to uncover Kid's disguise as Sonoko. Upon asking him, he blushed shyly and said that Kid's ring finger is longer than his index finger, unlike Sonoko.


(Movie 21) The Crimson Love Letter[edit]

(Movie 23) The Fist of Blue Sapphire[edit]

  • Sonoko blush in front of Makoto in front of the singaporean.
  • Makoto resigns the competition and decide to stay with Sonoko. He is afraid that the thugs will attack them again, and he cannot use his fist. Sonoko is angry and tells him to leave.
  • When the pirates break into the hotel, Makoto breaks open Sonoko's room door and carries her.
  • Makoto backs off and ties Sonoko to his back, which cause Sonoko to blushes.
  • After the fight, the band aid on Makoto forehead is that there's a scar under there, but more importantly a miniature photo of him and Sonoko under it. Makoto blushes in front of Sonoko, calming that as his personal talisman.



  • Sonoko Suzuki and Makoto Kyogoku have been in a long distance relationship for most of the series.
  • They are one of the rarer non-childhood friends couples.


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