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Over the time line of Detective Conan movies, Professor Agasa has given quizzes to The Detective Boys.

The Fourteenth Target (Movie: 2)[edit]

Agasa tries to give a quiz, only to be intercepted by Mitsuhiko. Mitsuhiko's quiz: Three guys, born on New Year's Day, April Fool's, and Children's Day formed a club. What was their club called?

The Last Wizard of the Century (Movie: 3)[edit]

The Detective Boys are upset that Conan leaves for Osaka alone, and to make them feel better, Agasa serves watermelon, but they can't eat if they can't solve the quiz. I have a lot of grandchildren, how old are they?

Captured in Her Eyes (Movie: 4)[edit]

Conan meets the Detective Boys who were going to his house to try and see if he could solve this riddle they made for them. The Question is When Haibara-san was asked what kind of person she believes Conan is she said "He's not the summer," while looking at the moon.
Did Haibara:
a) compliment Conan or b) criticize Conan?

Countdown to Heaven (Movie: 5)[edit]

While camping with the Detective Boys and Agasa, they start discussing rice and how if you turn 88 in Kanji you get rice, which is why one's 88th birthday is called their Rice Age. He also tells them that on their 77th birthday it is their joyful age and on your 99th birthday it is your white age.
With this in mind:
What is one's 44'th birthday called? Your hint is to take one Kanji and 3 katakana but remove the kanji for age.

The Phantom of Baker Street (Movie: 6)[edit]

While at the Cocoon event, Agasa asks the Detective Boys:
Mr. A from a game company was hooked into a Cocoon (Simulation Device) while he was supposed to be working. The president notices this. What will he do to Mr. A?
Will he: 1) Give him a commendation because he cleared the game. 2) Fire him. 3) Leave him alone because he was sleeping?

Crossroad in the Ancient Capital (Movie: 7)[edit]

Conan goes to Kyoto and since the Detective Boys wanted to go too, Agasa told them if they could solve his quiz he would take them. Benkei had a first love named Uzune. When he found out that she was going to marry another man, Benkei: 1) Became angry. 2) Became happy. 3) Cried.

Magician of the Silver Sky (Movie: 8)[edit]

Kaitou Kid, disguised as Shinichi, asks the kids if they knew who Napoleon was. The question is On Napoleon's land 2 Japanese built their house, Which are the names of these 2 people: Fuyuno-san, Furuno-san, or Fukano-san

Strategy Above the Depths (Movie: 9)[edit]

Agasa gives them a question that relates to them being on a cruise ship. The question is "It appears that Genta's received some treatment at the doctor's office on the ship. What happened to Genta?: 1) He ate too much and got a stomach ache. 2) He twisted his ankle after tripping. 3) He got a heat stroke. The hints are you have to use English, and the word "Ship"

Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure (Movie: 11)[edit]

While eating dinner Agasa asks everyone, In the Fish kingdom on the abandoned ocean floor, the evil deeds of the previous king were revealed and the sea bream became the next king. Who was the previous king?:
1) Squid (ika), 2) Octopus (tako), 3) Crab (kani)

Full Score of Fear (Movie: 12)[edit]

During a rehearsal in Doumoto Hall, and after being shown how the pipe organ works, Agasa came up with a quiz: A certain opera singer had a sore throat and was awaiting an operation. However, they decided against the operation and got better after taking a pill they got from an old man. And now, from the following options, who was the singer?
1) Soprano, 2) Alto, 3) Tenor, 4) Bass.
The hint is how do you say "operation" in English.

The Raven Chaser (Movie: 13)[edit]

After finding a pair of rhinoceros beetles, and inspired by Hikoboshi and Orihime (a pair of lovers who can only meet on Tanabata) for their names, and mentioning the Tanabata (a star festival held in summer). Agasa gives a quiz. One year, on the night of Tanabata, it rained heavily, making it impossible for Orihime and Hikoboshi to meet with one another. Troubled, those two thought hard, and came up with a day called "The Day to Spend with Your Lover" (Koibito to Tomo ni Sugosu Hi). Shortened, that would be "Lovers' Day" (Koi Tomo no Hi), and so they met on that day instead. Now, which of the following is that day?
1) The New Year's Day on January 1st. 2) Setsubun (Bean-Throwing Day) on February 2nd. 3) Momo-no-Sekku (Girl's Day) on March 3rd. 4) Tango-no-Sekku (Boy's Day) on May 5th.

The Lost Ship in the Sky (Movie: 14)[edit]

After arriving in Osaka, and also arresting the criminals, Agasa asks the kids with a quiz on the dining table as they feel something's missing. Ayumi-kun, Genta-kun and Mitsuhiko-kun are good children, but! Who has something that has nothing to do with the airship?

Quarter of Silence (Movie: 15)[edit]

In the Kitanosawa Village, while walking together, Agasa gives everyone a quiz (Conan remarks that it "needs a twist"). What's the most suitable menu for a food stand in a plaza covered in powder snow?
1) Yakiimo (baked yam). 2) Isobeyaki (grilled food with seaweed). 3) Ikayaki (baked squid). 4) Takoyaki (grilled octopus balls).

The Eleventh Striker (Movie: 16)[edit]

To cheer everyone up from the gloomy feeling, Agasa comes up with a quiz. It's said that one characteristic of the cars owned by soccer players is "Tightly closed doors," which originated from a soccer term. Now, which of the following is the term in question?
1) Offside. 2) Hand. 3) Corner kick. 4) Yellow card.

Private Eye in the Distant Sea (Movie: 17)[edit]

While waiting to board the Aegis Destroyer, Conan gets a call from Agasa on the satellite phone function of his watch. He goes to the toilet to answer the call and is given a quiz to give to the Detective Boys. The 'Aegis' in 'Aegis Destroyer' comes from the name of the shield to drive away evil that Zeus gave to his daughter Athena in Greek myth, as I'm sure you know. When Zeus fought the demonic Hydra, its sharp fangs are said to have bit him everywhere on his body. However, there was one place he wasn't bitten. Where do you think it was?
1) His neck. 2) His chest. 3) His stomach. 4) His back.

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie[edit]

Dimensional Sniper (Movie: 18)[edit]

After the Detective Boys were disappointed by the mosquito noise emitted by their new badges, Agasa tries to cheer them up with a quiz. They don't want to do it at first, but Haibara talks them into hearing it. A sniper looking for vinegar challenges you to rock-paper-scissors. What should you play to beat him? The English word 'sniper' is a hint!

Immediately afterwards, Haibara gives a quiz of her own. Which of these three sports are snipers best at?
1) Baseball. 2) Football. 3) Golf.

Sunflowers of Inferno (Movie: 19)[edit]

The Darkest Nightmare (Movie: 20)[edit]

The Crimson Love Letter (Movie: 21)[edit]

Zero the Enforcer (Movie: 22)[edit]

The Fist of Blue Sapphire (Movie: 23)[edit]

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