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This is like the only manga/anime series that I have no favorite characters.

They are all too good to be discriminated against >_<. so hard to choose if i have to pick one.

IKR. But Mokona is a different case~


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I read the first few volumes years ago and enjoyed it. I just recently got to read all the through the series, including its sequel Tsubasa World Chronicle Nirai Kanai Hen, as well as xxxHolic and it's new series (which fans know is intricately connected with Tsubasa). I really enjoyed it. There were a few times (mostly during action sequences) that the art style made it a little difficult to follow what was happening, so I intend to watch the anime and see if those parts are any easier to follow, but I still love the series.


The thing I wonder about the most is where it's going from here. The Nirai Kanai Arc ended, but it's clear that the story isn't finished yet. Do you guys think CLAMP will do another Tsubasa series, or will they just leave us hanging? I suspect they will do more, but with both xxxHolic Rei and Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc still running, it may be a while. I would love for them to have all three running concurrently, but since the new Sakura series started, they have barely done anything with xxxHolic Rei, so I think the chances of them doing three series at once are beyond slim. Still, we can hope!

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