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Tell us a secret about you!

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Fairly self-explanatory topic. It can be serious or fairly comical! I suppose I can start us off.  :)


One time at work, a very rude teenager came in and purposely underpaid. We gave him his double cheeseburger, but I secretly poured pickle juice on it. 


*laughs evilly*

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I lie a lot?

even when i try to tell the truth, I lie? :twisted:

Sometimes I do it unintentionally. I will say something that is expected of me, rather than something I truly believe.

Example: If I hear that someone is sexual active, I will proceed to call them a whore, mainly to agree with the people around me.

I don't believe in slut shaming at all, but I 'lie' anyways.

It's one of my biggest regrets-- not saying what I think.

I stalk a lot of people


I do that on Twitter and Facebook. I really hope they don't have profile view trackers; otherwise, I'd really be screwed.

I don't really like anyone... :/

I feel that I don't either. Not to sound like "a teenage white girl", but I often feel that no one understands me. That sounds extremely stereotypical though...

What I mean to say is that nobody besides myself knows all my secrets, thought proceses, and feelings... Therefore nobody understands me.


I am planning to stalk someone... And I m already practicing for it... xP

Don't get in trouble with the law, now!  :P

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My grandma compares me to a character in one of the Turkish series she follows, who is careless and doesn't give a damn about anything.

Somewhat same happens with me...

My grandpa compares me to a guy in Vodafone live streaming advertisement... :P

In the ad the guy is trying to learn Japanese... It's kinda cute... :)

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Another secret of mine: 


In kindergarten, I was bullied to the point where I once hid under a bus seat to escape my bully.


My sweater was really dusty after that.

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