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  1. Omg you're the first person to notice! Not many people have read Monster, but it's one of my favorite manga of all time. So glad to meet someone who shares my love for it! Okay on topic now.. Time of Dying - Three Days Grce
  2. Just a thought, but could it be possible that Kir meant "RUN" instead of "RUM" in the message but mistyped? Someone mentioned before that it was strange the codename was written in English capital letters rather than Japanese.. perhaps she was not referring to the codename member Rum at all, but instead was giving a warning..? This seems pretty unlikely, but just a thought that popped into my head. But if she did mean "RUN", what could that imply? About the Org member Rum, I highly doubt it's Kansuke Yamato, but I wonder why Gosho would make him such an obvious choice. None of the other characters he had implicated in the past (Jodie, Okiya, etc.) were as obvious in terms of description and such, at least not at first. I wonder if there is a reason for this..
  3. Netflix. Hulu has too many ads. Wine or hard liquor?
  4. My lips are very dry right now and it's bugging me
  5. I wonder when I can finish this project
  6. This is really late, but Happy New Year everyone!! Maybe this will be the year we finally uncover the identity of the boss. XD

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    2. Moonlit Flower

      Moonlit Flower

      Happy New Year to you as well. If this is the year the identity of the boss is revealed, then I'm really looking forward to it.

    3. Aditi


      Happy New Year :)

    4. Calia Archer

      Calia Archer

      Thank you for your wishes. Happy new year for you too ^_^

      YES! If only I can enter the screen :( XD

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