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  1. My head hurts. It won't go away.
  2. Forever Lost


    Yay! Feel free to read some, if you want Yeah, I've secretly enjoyed some poorly-written fics, myself. I guess the thing that kills me the most is bad grammar + extremely unbelievable characters + extremely fast-paced 'plot'. It's .... the thing nightmares are made of for me. But there are some people who, while having a lot of mistakes because of ESL or whatnot, still write well. You just have to piece together what they meant to say every now and then. ^^;
  3. Forever Lost


    Haha, yeah.... OOC is sadly pretty common in noncanon, but there are some people who write CoAi super well. I tend to write CoAi-ish stuff, but I'm scared to promote my stories too much in the case that they aren't that IC enough and I ruin your beautiful time in this new open-minded fangirl-indulgent place XD Usually poor grammar immediately in the fic is a good sign to just turn around and look for another story so you don't get overwhelmed by the many super OOC stories floating about XD;; (I keep reading that sentence and I'm not sure if that makes sense or not ..)
  4. Forever Lost


    Yay!! <3 Makes me feel special for inspiring you one step closer to the CoAi ship
  5. If anyone reads that, they probably think I have a split personality or some serious mental issues.
  6. Fried dough that always seems like a good idea (the yummy smell is so enticing ~) but turns out to be a terrible one once you get halfway through it. Define parmesan. (now that we're on the topic of food)
  7. Perhaps limited capability due to the swaying of her own emotions. Not like I haven't been - it's just frustrating. I don't tend to be fair when I'm irritated, so that's a true enough statement. In other news... I have to go on a very long shopping trip... I don't want to.
  8. o.o If there's any rhyme or reason to the --. and such, I cannot decipher >.>

  9. I think ... that people are irritating and limited on the capability to make logical and sound decisions. The worst thing you can do when dealing with a controlling individual is give in to their threats. Now she's back to doing whatever he wants because he finally found something that worked to threaten her with. Stupid. If she had just ignored him, this would go down a lot better and she wouldn't have to respond to his every demand. She doesn't owe him anything.
  10. Right after telling me how right I am, you go against my advice yet again. I give up.

  11. Forever Lost


    Thanks! Glad it inspired you
  12. Yeah I would find it disturbing, too. From what I understand, since it wasn't you drowning, it probably doesn't have to do necessarily with your psychological state (like implying you feel like dying or you're drowning or something), but about something different. Again, not that I have enough experience or anything... I don't know.
  13. It was, I just got lucky that the person who called wasn't mad... Did you know the girl? Or did you just know it was a girl, but she was a stranger? Not sure that it's important, but I find that dreams that are vivid and I can't stop thinking about are spiritual and mean more than face value. Not that I'm good at interpreting them... but I have them on a fairly regular basis, so I guess at least I can empathize?
  14. Forever Lost


    Thanks! I have some others, but they're from long chapters and I tend to stumble over words a lot. It's a bit more fun to be able to take some time and read it more accurately to how I felt it should go, which is most possible with one shots.
  15. I'm pretty good at annoying people without intending to. Even better when I actually mean to, though. :3

  16. I'm going with this one I wasn't necessarily talking about just here, btw. Ahhh.... I messed up my phone lines and now this lady has been waiting several days for someone to call back because I thought someone else handled it. Good job, me.
  17. Hmm... I remember thinking that online communities were great, that somehow you belonged or something stupid like that. Reality is, hardly anyone cares if you're gone and certainly not if you're back. Well, if you're me, at least. In other thoughts, I keep losing my equilibrium recently. It's bothering me.
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