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  1. Soon. It's starting to become to ridiculous with all these episodes they're making >_>. Heck,that's why I'm not watching any of the episodes since there are way to many even for an anime. I'm willing to bet more then half the cases are the same exact thing with minor differences.
  2. Case Closed. Cant stand the name Detective Conan >_>. The Japanese names for the characters confuse me enough as it is.
  3. ShinRan is overrated. I perfer the much less common couples like Conan and Haibara or Conan and Ayumi.
  4. Dont know since I dont bother to watch the anime past the dubbed episodes nor do I even read the manga.
  5. Speak english because I didnt understand what you just said.
  6. Main theme? Do you mean the Detective Conan Main theme? Because I like all the versions that play in all 15 movies. I also like the vocal version which is Kimi Ga Ireba. Right now,I'm trying to find Movie 15's version so I can add it to my MP3.
  7. I'm sorry but are you ignorant? Or just not smart? The movie just came out about 2 weeks ago. It wont be until October you'll be able to see it with Subs >_>.
  8. I like the movie theme's for movie 2,4,5,7,8 and 9.
  9. Movie 16?As much as I love these movies,this is getting ridiculous. They need to stop making movies at some point or we'll end up having like 40 of them >_>.
  10. Why do you keep spamming your replies over and over? One reply will suffice you know.
  11. I dont really see a point in making an intro since I dont post here all that much.

  12. Was that Eck comment needed? If you dont like the english name then that's fine but dont say Eck. It isnt needed.
  13. I'd have to say movies 1,4,5,8,10,11 and 14 are my favorite movies.
  14. Live Action? Really? These types of things never go all that well >_>.
  15. Probably. But she'll only find out once Ran does.
  16. Eh? Well I wasnt intending on coming off as being harsh.

  17. How am I acting harshly?

  18. You still dont get it. It was just released to theaters. It takes a few months for a movie to come out.It's impossible for a movie to be released in theater and on DVD.
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